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MMA News: What Now For Ronda Rousey

First Posted: Jan 06, 2017 12:18 AM EST
MMA News: What Now For Ronda Rousey

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Ronda Rousey's most-anticipated return has left a lot more questions than it had answers in the aftermath of UFC 207, but it's pretty clear that change is coming, no matter what. The entire sporting world has had a few days to digest Ronda Rousey's shocking loss at UFC 207 to Amanda Nunes.

The former champion has only made a very brief statement with regards to her future, leaving many to question what is next for Rousey and her career.

Ronda breaks her silence

According to Fox Sports, Ronda Rousey issued a brief statement to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, thanking the fans who have supported her all throughout her hiatus and said that she was proud of the growth of the women's divisions, including the success of Amanda Nunes. She then finished by stating that she would be taking some time (again) to ponder on her future.

Will Rousey call it a career?

If Rousey is totally done with her fighting career then it would certainly go down as the most abrupt end to arguably the most remarkably impressive career in MMA history. In her short career, she has made millions and became an instant celebrity.

Both her fights with Amanda Nunes and Holly Holm were very shocking and humiliating losses for a woman once called "the world's most dangerous woman."

Why Rousey avoided the media

According to Fansided, Rousey's unwillingness to do media was a gamble that has hurt her marketability. She has had all the opportunity to win sympathy, yet instead stated that she has avoided it because winning the fight was more important to her and that she didn't want the added pressure.

If Rousey ever considers another Comeback

If Rousey does intent to continue fighting, the first course of action should be to break up with her current coach, Edmund Tarverdyan. In the recent fight with Nunes, it was pretty much apparent that Rousey's striking had not improved in the last 13 months that she had been out.

The fact that Rousey came straight forward and had zero head movement against the hardest hitter in the division left many people convinced that Tarverdyan's game plan essentially led Rousey to her demise.

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