Cecilia Galliano and Sebastián Rulli recently got a ruling on their infamous truck battle, and Galliano says she is done fighting him.

But not before she placed the blame on the "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" star.

"I'm always going to say the same thing," she said. "It's not an argument that I started. I'm not interested in fights. I'm not a woman who's about lawsuits or fights ... It's the first time I went through something like this."

Although she did not comment about the decision reached in court, Rulli recently used Twitter to share that he won the case.

On May 15, he said, "Being good is easy, what is difficult is being just (V. Hugo.) Congratulations and thanks @davidcohensacal for helping me show the truth."

Galliano says the whole lengthy legal battle could have been avoided had it not been for Rulli. She also added that he could have stopped it from going on as long as it did.

"The only one that can stop it is the person who filed the lawsuit," she said. "So, for my part, there wasn't much I could do but defend myself."

The exes accused each other greatly during the case. Rulli said that Galliano was meeting with powerful people within the Mexican government so that the case would go in her favor. He hasn't said anything yet about Galliano blaming him for starting the legal battle.

Galliano and Rulli went to court over a car. She wanted him to return a car she gifted him while they were married, and he said that he was within his legal rights to sell the car. Galliano believed that her signature had been forged, so the car never belonged to him. Each had handwriting experts come in to help determine the winner.