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Prices for 'Exile Election' by NIS for PS4 and PSVita Revealed

First Posted: Jan 22, 2017 11:27 PM EST
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Nippon Ichi Software or NIS, the Japanese video game firm announced that Exile Election, an adventure-based video game will be released for Sony's Playstation 4 and PSVita consoles, this Apr 27. The website, even though originally scripted in Japanese, hints about unique characters for the story.

The preview samples for the same was posted on a Weekly video gaming magazine Famitsu where the images were visible for the public. Further details revealed that there would be an introduction of 12 new people alongside the unique character reveal aforementioned.

The topic was covered by Anime News Network, discussing briefly about the characters. The teaser, part of the image showcases only two characters even though the remaining ten are pictured in various colours. According to a thread on a japanese website Gematsu, the game will be priced around 5980Yen or an approximate value of US$49.99 for the PSVita while the Playstation 4 copy should cost around 6980Yen or about US$59.99.

Dualshockers went on to explain further revealing the intent of the story of the game, a visual novel about twelve boys and girls along with a mascot who's trying to get all of them killed. The aim of the game is to make sure all of them survive the destruction of the human race.

Adding to it, the story is set in an amusement park supposedly holding an election process at the time of commencement where a mysterious doll fancies itself to become an 'administrator' of those surviving the destruction as the story progresses through. The primary mission for all twelve of them is to make sure they survive the challenge. It was also mentioned the game is nearing its completion and would be released in Japan primarily.

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