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Microsoft Surface Phone a 2-in-1 PC Could Be an iPhone Killer

First Posted: Jan 20, 2017 11:58 AM EST
★★The Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Could Be The True 'iPhone Killer

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Microsoft has been rumored that they are working on a high-end Surface Phone, a device that utilizes with a flexible axis display that would transform into Windows tablets. This patent filing was found by the MSPoweruser uncover that Microsoft is experimenting with this kind of concept for future mobile phones. The diagram was accompanied with notes and detailed graphs that look like an extensive mobile phone that can fold over and change into a tablet shape or even the tent mode that is found on Lenovo's range of Yoga tablets.

According to BGR, the patent was granted on January 10th that includes a lot of symbolism to clarify Microsoft's vision. The client would have the capacity to easily change from tablet to mobile phone, which the screen is being set on the outside of the gadget. In that way, the tablet could be utilized as a mobile phone in a smaller frame, or as a tablet when unfolded. There it appears to be modes for a few screens to stretch out the flat to make the gadget bigger and more of a tablet like Microsoft's unique Courier concept.

The Microsoft phone patent was initially filed in October 2014. The Verge stated that while Microsoft licenses a large number of innovations that can never make it into conclusive products, the setting of this specific application is critical. The inventor is listed as Kabir Siddiqui, who has been successfully protected Microsoft's Surface kickstand and Surface camera angle previously. Endless rumors have implied that Microsoft is hoping to convey a Surface Phone to the market this year.

However, the software maker has reliably avoided customary form components for its Surface gadgets. Microsoft's Surface Studio gadget was leaked out months ahead of time on account of patent filings that was revealed the exact plan of the company's 2-in-1 PC. It is unlikely that this will be the final outline of the rumored Surface Phone, however, this sort of concept device could give a few insights on how Microsoft is taking the smartphones and mobile devices after its retreat from the mobile market last year. Besides Microsoft's patent does not give an assurance that such device will be actually be built.

On the other hand, there is a recent claim said that Samsung will release a smartphone just like the one with Microsoft concept later this year. LG is likewise rumored to have a comparable foldable screen innovation set up, which is even more progressed than Samsung. However, the reports claimed that LG may even give the foldable screen to its rivals, including Apple and others.

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