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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 79 Spoilers: Majin Buu Is Up First Against Basil and Teased He's On The Wake Of Losing

First Posted: Feb 11, 2017 09:05 PM EST
Dragon Ball Super Cap 79

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The new story arc of "Dragon Ball Super," Universal Survival Arc will begin shortly and fans will get an explosive fight match between the Universe 7 and Universe 9. The first battle is between the three main characters, Goku, Gohan, and Buu, but who they will be fighting against? The names were after the spices that will sure spice up the tournament.

"Dragon Ball Super" with the most anticipated tournament will have the first fight between the Universe 7 and Universe 9 and a team of warriors from these 2 universes will defend their homes. With the recent episodes of the Weekly Shonen Jump, the warriors from universe 9 were revealed and introduced from anime's promo, ComicBook has reported.

The Universe 9 warriors appear to be a gang of wolves and have a named after the spices in true "Dragon Ball Super" fashion. The wolves were named Basil, Bergamo, and Lavenda, these names were a type of herbs that will sure spice up the first battle in the tournament.

Goku, Gohan, and Majin Buu vs. Basil, Bergamo, and Lavenda will surely bring heat to the tournament in "Dragon Ball Super." Basil is the red one with the torn cape, Lavenda is the slouching one with suspenders, and Bergano is the tall one with the scarf. Majin Buu will be up for the first round against Basil, as per Todd Blankenship, and every opponent is tough and so is Basil.

Last week, the fans witness "Dragon Ball Super" story arc already kicked off in the "Universal Survival" saga, so here's the synopsis: "At Goku's unthinkable request, he pleaded the Omni-Kings to have a "Tournament of Power" and the martial arts tournament against universes officially begins!"

"But this proved to be the very beginning of the universal destruction. What wait for the winners of the tournament, and the vanquished ...?! How will the teams battle between the elites of each universe turn out ...?!" The 2 Omni-Kings from the present and future seems to be interested in Majin Buu as they lean forward as Buu laugh despite the disadvantage he's in. 

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