Antartica has long been thought as a potential region for determining the chances of climate change in the vast portions of the world. Now the latest findings led by a group of researchers have dignified that trivial details of distant places like the blooming of the trees of cherry in Japan or the conditions of skies and weather of Chile's Atacama Desert can also be sensed from Antartica's climatic condition.

The findings denoted Antarctica as an important regulator of the planet's climate and it also stated that the climate of this place has the capability of influencing the weather and climate conditions of vast and distant regions of the earth. According to EFE, Well-known scientist and climate analyst Edgardo Vega said: "What happens in Antarctica will determine the climate in other regions very far from this remote continent."

As per another report by TeleSUR, Vega also stated certain reasons for Antartica's powerful approach towards determining worldwide weather and climate situations. According to him one of the most reasonable factors which make the Atacama Desert the aridest region of the earth is "the influence of Antarctica on the ocean current that comes up along the Chilean coast." However, the assistant director of the Chilean National Antarctic Institute made some specific point in this context.

He said the current of Antartica's ocean actually cools the water and reduces evaporation which eventually reduces rainfall in the region and cloudiness in the region. Bolivar Caceres, the head of the glacier program at Ecuador's National Weather Institute, stated that besides all these, the melting of ice cover also stands as another important factor in this segment.

According to his theory all of the oceans of the world are inter-connected and therefore, anything that happens on the oceans' surface can give rise to an intense drought or torrential rains in distant parts of the planet." He further acknowledged that melting of the glacier effects sea salinity at high range influencing the interaction between sea levels and the ambience.