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National Geographic Expose President Rodrigo Duterte’s Drug War

First Posted: Mar 08, 2017 05:05 PM EST

President Rodrigo Duterte's drug war continues to happen in any parts of the country. The authorities in the Philippines have even launched the president's bloody drug war against drug users and pushers. Now, the reinstatement of the death penalty is closer to be passed as a law which alarms both local and international human rights groups.

Philippine National Police chief Ronald de la Rosa hoped that the anti-drug operations would be less bloody in the future. However, just after the announcement of reinstatement of the drug war, police killed four suspected drug dealers.

According to TelesurTV, Philippine police forces have always been accused of doing targeted assassinations of drug suspects as part of the president's drug war. In just a few past months, a couple of weeks before Christmas, National Geographic's Ryan Duffy has tried joining the Filipino crime beat reporters in Manila's graveyard shift.

Ryan Duffy rides in a convoy of press cars to the scenes of a vigilante killing. The Philippines' drug war is now featured worldwide particularly in the National Geographic. According to Time, footage of bagged bodies in the rain-slicked slums with the relatives of weeping at wakes was shown in the National Geographic. Rendered by James Nachtwey in his series about Manila Death Comes by Night and some of the videos taken by the local photographers, Nat Geo was able to capture in motion the real situation of the Philippines under the president's drug war.

Nat Geo also shows footage of the aspect of the drug war in the Philippines. Known as Operation Tokhang or "knock" and "plead the clip suggest that the list of surrendered people was compiled during the operation.

Under the president's drug war, suspected drug users and pushers who don't surrender will be killed. However, residents said that even if they surrendered, the authorities would still kill them just like what happened to the father of a son who surrendered and murdered by the police.

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