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'Tokyo Ghoul' Live Action Movie News: Film to Release July 2017 in Japan; Touka Kirishima Actress May Not Be Joining Promotional Tours

First Posted: Mar 16, 2017 02:10 AM EDT
Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

Photo : Sui Ishida/Twitter

The "Tokyo Ghoul" live action film is confirmed to be released on July 29 in Japan. This comes as good news for fans of Sui Ishida's work which has gathered a massive following after its anime release. Masataka Kubota will play the titular Ken Kaneki and Fumika Shimizu who will play Touka Kirishima may not be able to join in various promotional tours for the movie.

According to Comic Book, the road to making and releasing the "Tokyo Ghoul" live-action movie was hard. Sui Ishida's work is known to be long and Shimizu who plays one of the main stars may not be able to join future sequels. The actress announced that she is joining a religious organization and has retired from acting.

Crunchyroll reports that Shimizu announced her retirement last month. The "Tokyo Ghoul" live-action movie has finished filming so fans of hers can still see her on the movie screen but it may be her last appearance as an actress. As for the rumored sequels of the film, there is currently no word as who will replace Shimizu.

The "Tokyo Ghoul" live-action movie is directed by Kentaro Hagiwara and its costumes designed by Masanori Morikawa. The staff behind the film has announced that they did their best to represent Ishida's work to assure fans despite the retirement controversy.

The hype surrounding the "Tokyo Ghoul" live-action movie has been fanned as the makers released a visual of Kubota with Kaneki Ken's iconic ghoul mask. Other actors billed in the film include Yu Aoi as Rize Kamishiro, Yo Oizumi as Kureo Mado and Nobuyuki Suzuki as Kotaro Amon. There is no word yet if the live-action film will be released in the West.

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