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New Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak Exposes Handset's Guide, Reveals Dual Bluetooth Audio Function & More

First Posted: Mar 30, 2017 02:26 AM EDT
New Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak Exposes Handset's Guide, Reveals Dual Bluetooth Audio Function & more

Photo : Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S8 in New York and leaks have been confirmed if they are true or not. Like, for instance, the smartphone's user guide.

According to The Verge, the entire document has gotten posted online earlier at Samsung's download center. Numerous Samsung leakers and tipsters caught it right before it got sealed up, and although they claim that there aren't many surprises, this new leak is still a good overview of what the upcoming Galaxy S8 will be offering.

According to the leaked guide, the Galaxy S8 will feature the rumored edge screen with its super-slim bezels, Samsung's new AI assistant Bixby - and voice assistant capable of navigating the UI, setting up reminders, as well as performing image searches from your camera.

Additionally, other features that haven't seen before on a Samsung device have also shown up in the guide, including a Bluetooth dual audio feature. This feature apparently lets users stream Bluetooth audio into two different headsets or speakers simultaneously, enabling the user with the ability to independently control volume on each peripheral.

Along with these said features, here is a more detailed information regarding Samsung's projected Infinity Display. Infinity Display is another new feature that Samsung will incorporate first on its Galaxy S8.

The Always on Display features views various information such as a clock or calendar even when the screen is currently off. The multi-window lets the user simultaneously run two apps without even changing the screen.

When users use the snap window feature, they can select an area and pin it to the top of the screen and use other features or apps in the lower window at the same time.

According to Techi, With the Samsung Galaxy S8 having various Edge panels, users can access frequently used features as quickly and easily than ever before. Users can also capture an area of content and then share it with others if desired.

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