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Facebook Killer Still At Large: Authorities Say Murderer Could Be Anywhere; National Manhunt On With $50,000 Reward

First Posted: Apr 19, 2017 05:35 AM EDT
Cleveland Police official photo

Photo : Twitter/Cleveland Police

Facebook killer Steve Stephens did the unthinkable and shot Robert Godwin Sr., 74 years old on the head in Cleveland, Ohio. The senior citizen was just passing by when Anthony got out of his car and shot him on the face. The murderer even took a video of the entire incident and uploaded this on his Facebook account. Police have launched a nationwide manhunt for Stephens who has claimed that he has killed more than a dozen people and is driving to anywhere in the U.S. at the moment.

Stephens kept a video log of his exploits and posted these online. The Facebook killer said in a video that he has lost all his money to gambling while in another video he bragged about killing more than a dozen people. Stephen has left the scene after he shot Godwin in the head and could not be found. Police has identified that he is driving a white Ford Fusion with temporary Ohio plate E363630, ABC News reported.

Police have searched for more of Stephen's victims but they have not found any victims. Authorities have also located people that Stephen's have talked to for the past days and sad that they are now cooperating in his search. Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said that they could not identify a motive for the killing and that they still have no idea where the Facebook killer is at.

Stephens talked to Godwin before he shot him and told him that his girlfriend was the reason why he is doing this. Godwin did not seem to understand what was happening and merely raised his hands in an effort to avert the Facebook killer. Williams said that they would try to resolve the crime as soon as possible because Godwin's family deserves it, Fox News reported.

Meanwhile, a $50,000 reward is out for anyone who could provide information to the arrest of the Facebook killer. Authorities said that he could be in a lot of places and is considered armed and very dangerous. Beech Brook, the behavioral health agency where Stephens worked, was locked down to protect its employees while eight elementary schools and a high school were closed near Fairmount Park.

Facebook has also deactivated Stephen's account but his uploaded video has been seen multiple times. The social media site condemns the Facebook killer and murder and said that it would work hard to keep their pages safe for its users. An aggravated murder warrant was issued for Steve Stephens.

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