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'Battlefield 1' Spring Update Confirmed To Feature Platoons, New Weapons, Private Servers & More

First Posted: Apr 26, 2017 02:07 AM EDT
Battlefield 1 Sprine Update Highlights

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Today, the "Battlefield 1" developing team has officially confirmed Platoons, some new weapon variants, as well as the new medic, revive callout, which will be making their way into the game via tomorrow's Spring Update. Here are some of the highlights of the said update.

According to PvP Live, "Battlefield 1's" upcoming Spring Update is pending Microsoft and Console certifications, but the game's developers have confirmed that the patch is extremely close to its release. In the update, the "Battlefield 1" developers have reworked the Platoon feature right from the beginning and have improved it, adding new aspects to the feature such as:

Squad names changing to the Platoon name once they successfully control a majority of the slots; Captured Point Flags will now show the emblem of the Platoon that has contributed the most towards capturing the objective. Finally, the Platoons feature will now exist through multiple Community Test Environment and other "Battlefield" titles.

Whenever a player starts their own Platoon, they will immediately become the General of it. They will have full control over the clan, allowing them to change the application policy, including the in-game messages.

In addition to the new ranks and ability to join other player's Platoon, players can also link a private server that is exclusive to their Platoon. Along with the new Platoons feature, several new Weapon Variants will also be introduced in the Spring Update

According to Dell Servers Maintenance, several new Class Rank 10 weapon variants are going to be introduced in the "Battlefield 1" Spring Update. This would include the Hellriegel Defensive, Martini-Henry Sniper, Selbstlader Sniper, and the Huot Automatic Optical.

Each of these new weapon variants coming into "Battlefield 1" will unlock once a player goes through separate assignments, similar to They Shall Not Pass weapons. Along with the new weapon variants are the new Dog Tags, which are the following: Answers HQ, Prost, Sakura, Play to Give, and Battlefest April.

Ammo 2.0, some changes in gameplay, and updates on selected maps are also going to highlight the "Battlefield 1" Spring Update. The Update is going to go live tomorrow.

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