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'Overwatch' Pro Gamer Accidentally Streams Racist Ranked Match; Gets Fired By Organization

First Posted: Apr 26, 2017 03:30 AM EDT
Widowmaker in 'Overwatch'

Photo : PlayStation/YouTube

Playing a ranked game on "Overwatch" can be pretty exhilarating but one pro gamer took it too far. Matt "Dellor" Vaughn of Toronto Esports has been released from the organization after he was caught playing the game and uttering a stream of discriminatory profanities.

Matt Vaughn was a competitor and streamer under Toronto Esports. Kotaku reports that he was playing a ranked match in "Overwatch" when his game was accidentally streamed on Twitch.

The outlet adds that the "Overwatch" pro gamer had his mic opened and his agitated profanities including the N-word due to poor play was heard loud and clear by his followers. One of them recorded Matt Vaughn's stream and it was how Toronto Esports knew of the incident.

The organization released a formal announcement of dropping Matt "Dellor" Vaughn. President Ryan Pallet says they interviewed the "Overwatch" pro gamer who admitted to the truth where his contract was subsequently ended.

Mashable reports that Matt Vaughn went on to his personal Twitter to explain his side of the things. He admits that he deserved to have his contract with Toronto Esports because of his actions.

In his lengthy explanation, Matt Vaughn mentioned that his net was lagging when he was playing "Overwatch" which made him frustrated. He also pointed out that his opponent who played Widowmaker was cheating. He reportedly screamed a racist term for about 30 seconds during the game when his character got killed in the game.

Matt Vaughn also tweeted that he is done playing Esports and won't be returning to compete competitively in "Overwatch." His Twitch channel has been shut down as well for reportedly breaking the site's term of service.

Matt Vaughn's accidental stream of his ranked "Overwatch" game has been uploaded on YouTube. The video can be found below but viewer discretion is advised because of the racist language.

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