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Westworld: Season 2, Episode 1 Revealed?

First Posted: Jun 20, 2017 08:37 AM EDT

Giddy up, partners! The showrunners of the innovatively fresh Westworld have riled their fanbase into a frenzy with the latest scoop on the show's status. Jonathan Nolan, co-creator and writer of the show, has uploaded a picture on a Reddit thread post teasing the title of season two's first episode.

Titled "Journey Into N______," the front cover of the mysterious script was purposefully obscured, leaving fans with enough fodder to complete the phrase with titles of their own. The most popular has been "Journey Into Night," a reference from the last episode of the previous season.

Westworld, the ambitious, sci-fi thriller that kept me glued to my HBO Go for hours on end, floored audiences last fall with its critically acclaimed first season. Based on the early '70s film of the same name, the futuristic western sets the stage in the adults-only theme park "Westworld" where Disneyland meets Red Dead Redemption.

Although the show is set to begin filming in October 2017, fans will have to wait a whole year after that to get their android fix. This has yet to stop cast members, like Evan Rachel Wood, from using social media to share little bits of Westworld news.

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