Educational researcher, Gary Orfield, says that schools in some parts of the U.S. are more segregated now than in the 1960s. In an era where resegregation threatens to undermine America's education system, it is important to explain why a lack of diversity is a bad thing.

Researchers at UCLA published a new study revealing the benefits of diversity in the classroom. They argue that schools consisting of varied ethnic, cultural, and racial backgrounds have less instances of bullying and foster more tolerance.

Their investigations add to a scholarly conversation regarding how contact among African American, Asian, Latino, and White students helps stem inequality and build acceptance of people who have different social identities.

The study is particularly interesting because, out of the 4,300 sixth-grade participants, white children - not just their minority classmates - reported feeling safer in a more diverse environment.

The scholars emphasize the importance of supporting more research on this critical topic.