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Top 3 Best Brands of Commercial Truck Tires

First Posted: May 21, 2019 01:38 PM EDT

Cars are good as they help us to get to our destination and also transport smaller goods but trucks are better as they perform both tasks simultaneously. In fact, they are known to help transport heavy goods.

Because of these hefty functions of trucks, they are usually designed to withstand the pressures. Each one of their accessories like the tire, the engine and others is well developed by the automobile experts.

When interviewed, an automobile expert stated that "once the tires and engine of a truck are in good conditions, there is the higher probability that such truck will last longer both physically and functionally".

Therefore, once the engine is in good position, the next move is to find one of the best brands of tires for the truck. The top 3 best brands include the following


Most of the experts of automobile chose Michelin as the top best brand of commercial truck tire. This is because of its specifications like XLEZ steer tire, XDN2 drive tire, highest quality casing, superior mileage. Finally, they provide commercial tires at affordable prices.


This is another high quality commercial truck tire worthy of using for your truck. Experts stated that their casings are usually excellent and are known to withstand three retreads, thereby increasing their value. Goodyear is good for wide range of applications.


Automobile dealers are in utmost support of Yokohama as a commercial truck tire. Their tire sizes are both in 22.5 and 24.5 categories. However, they also produce superior oversized steer tires. Even though they are a bit specialized in their products, they still maintain the position of being among the best for trucks.

You can find these brands in are higher cars based on the functions they performed. However, they have been highly designed to withstand the pressure.

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