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The 7 Beauty Secrets of Latin American Women

First Posted: Jul 13, 2019 02:44 PM EDT
The 7 Beauty Secrets of Latin American Women

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There is something about South American women from the likes of Shakira, Penelope Cruz, Roselyn Sanchez, to Michelle Rodriguez that is just out of this world gorgeous. But just what is it that makes the women from the continent, so good to look at? Could it be the culture? The food? Or maybe the weather down south. One thing is certain, South America has an unfair share of beauties who must know something about beauty that we do not. 

In our quest to find out just what makes these South American beauties put all others to shame by their gorgeous looks we did some research. Working with OGLF (Our Good Living Formula), who are the best at finding the best beauty products, testing them and giving comprehensive reviews, we have compiled a list of the beauty products that make South American women tick. We have researched a ton of products from most of the continent and come up with a shortlist of seven beauty products. These are a combination of natural and homegrown remedies that will get you looking like Shakira or Gisele Bundchen, without necessarily breaking the bank. Read on for more.

White Clay Facials and Body Masks

Ecuadorian women in the Amazon have been using the white clay from the Amazon basin as body and facial masks for hundreds of years. Clay has excellent purifying attributes and hence it is not coincidental that the natives have been using it as a beauty product for generations. While there are many types of clay out there, the most effective is the white and not the red. There are tons of white clay face scrubs that you can get online and at local beauty shops for the body and facial mask. Once you have your white clay facial scrub, apply it evenly over the face or body, and then leave it on for an hour before peeling it off. For best results, put it on before taking a warm shower as this will make removal easier. 

Red Grape Masks for Glowing Skin

Chilean women swear by the red grape mask as the ultimate solution for radiant and healthy skin. Red grapes are full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants such as resveratrol and tannins. These are effective at fighting free radicals, which is what gives you glowing and youthful skin. Combined with the amino acids, a grapefruit mask will protect the skin against the ultraviolet rays of the sun, improve skin elasticity, prevent wrinkles and act as a cleanser for most skin types. The alpha hydroxyl acids in the grapefruit also help in curing and preventing breakouts and acne. The best thing about red grape is that you can easily make it at home. 

1. Simply get a few grapes and mash them to get the pulp

2. Mix the grape pulp with an equal amount of black seed kiwi. 

3. Apply the face mask and leave it on for 20 minutes

4. Rinse it off with lukewarm water, to leave your skin radiant and fresh


If you have fragile and weak nails, then you will love this natural remedy from the Dominican Republic. Garlic contains selenium which is a critical component for stronger longer nails. It is also a strong antiseptic and will kill invisible bacteria and fungus in the nails, which is what makes your nails so brittle and weak. Another thing about the Garlic is that it is an antioxidant and hence it will keep the nail bed clean and healthy which is essential for healthy nails. This is also one of the easiest remedies to do as all you need to do is chop up a few garlic pieces into a bottle of clear nail polish and leave it for a week. Apply the concoction and you should have stronger nails within a few hours.


One of the most effective remedies for dark spots is the Papaya, a popular Cuban regimen. The active ingredient in the Papaya is papain, which is the ultimate solution for dark spot removal. Papaya evens out skin tone scrapes away dead skin and exfoliates to leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The papain also works to inhibit the production of tyrosinase. This is the enzyme that is responsible for the excessive production of melanin that eventually results in the breakout of black spots. To make the remedy

 1. Get half a papaya and blend it into a thick paste

2. Mix it with a dash of coconut oil, and the juice from a quarter lemon

3. Apply the paste on the face and leave it on for between 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off

4. Do it three times a week for best results

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is a very popular drink in Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil, where it is drunk life coffee, though it is also great for a glowing healthy complexion. Yerba Mate contains Vitamins C and B1, which boosts collagen production and act as powerful antioxidants. These protect against ultraviolet rays of the sun and signs of aging such as wrinkles and age spots. It has been established that polyphenols in Yerba Mate help in cellular regeneration give you firmer skin. Moreover, the fatty acids in the drink, regulate oil production, thus preventing the clogging of the pores that usually results in breakouts. 

Aloe Vera

Mexican women have been using Aloe Vera for centuries to detoxify, hydrate and heal sunburn. If you have sunburn or have dry skin, there is no better natural remedy than the Aloe Vera plant. The remedy will not only alleviate the effects of sunburn, but will moisturize the skin and reduce skin peeling that comes from sun damage. To apply Aloe Vera on the skin, you can either get the plant leaves from a natural remedy shop or purchase commercial aloe Vera gels from a beauty store. To apply the natural Aloe Vera

1. Remove the needles and then soak the leaves in warm water. 

2. Once they are warm and soft, split the leaves in half

3. Rub the gooey side on the skin. 

Coconut Oil

Women in the Dominican Republic have found an ingenious way to keep their hair healthy, long, growing and the strands shiny - coconut oil. It is no wonder that coconut oil is an ingredient in many hair and cosmetic products. Coconut oil has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties in addition to being rich in antioxidants. Its active ingredient is lauric acid, which contains medium chain fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins that nourish the hair and keeps the strands strong. When you massage the coconut oil into your scalp, it helps improve scalp health, fight fungus and infections, thus providing a healthy base for the skin to grow.

You do not have to clear your bank account to get that South American look. The remedies given in this article are not only backed by science but have also been used for years by the belles from Brazil, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic among other countries to look gorgeous. You can whip up your natural remedies from natural materials or grab some from the supermarket and get to look just as good as they do. While there are certainly more natural remedies from South America we have not covered in this article, the seven we have listed should be more than enough to get you started.

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