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Where is the UK Gambling Industry Heading in 2019?

First Posted: Aug 01, 2019 08:24 PM EDT
Where is the UK Gambling Industry Heading in 2019

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The rise of gambling is among us, and some regions of the world aren't quite ready to acknowledge that point. Even as gambling seems to be all around us, it can be hard to find a place that offers regulated gambling as a form of entertainment.

Gambling laws vary across borders, so players never really know what to expect when traveling. Laws for online gambling, live casinos, sports betting and lotteries differ from place to place.

Luckily, the United Kingdom has got it right. This is a region of the world that has fully embraced the gambling industry and makes it easy for players to enjoy it.

There are already large numbers of live betting shops in the UK and a good number of online casinos are based there. Also, many foreign online casinos accept players from the UK to truly spread the love of playing.

If it's already so big, how much further can gambling go in the UK? Based on its growth over the years, it's clear that gambling will continue to be a part of the UK lifestyle.

Where does gambling stand currently in the UK?

People love to test their luck by placing bets and hoping to win more money. It's a huge industry in the UK and a large amount of the population participates in it.

In 2011, the UK gambling industry was worth 8.4 billion British pounds but this had increased to a staggering 14.4 billion British pounds (US $17.5B) by 2018. 

Today, most gambling takes place online, with 33.6 million active online accounts on British gambling and betting platforms.

Although most problem gamblers are younger, the majority of gamblers are between 45 and 64 years old. Underage gambling has thankfully been declining, leaving gambling as the main form of entertainment for older adults.

Just over half of the gambling population in the UK is male, while only 41% of this population is female. All people do still seem to enjoy live gambling, lottery, and sports betting in addition to online casinos.

As online gambling increases in popularity and the younger generations that love online gaming come of age, it will likely keep increasing for years to come.

Online Gambling in the UK

Everyone needs the occasional day of lounging around at home not doing much of anything. Or maybe they have some down time between work meetings or don't have to pick up the kids for a few more hours.

The availability of online gambling websites in the UK makes it easy to fill boring gaps in one's day with a little excitement.

People can login from their laptop or head to the mobile apps on their smartphones to begin playing. It is important to remember a few key tips from the UK's Gambling Commission before getting started with UK-based online gambling or betting platforms.

Although it is totally legal to gamble online in the UK, some casinos are better regulated and more user-friendly than others. Always make sure to check out reviews of other players to see what their experiences were like.

Online casinos also try to win people over with promotions and bonuses to get them to play more often. One might find a casino with what seems like a great bonus, but they won't know if it's the best one out there.

If you need help finding a suitable online casino or just want to check out the best bonuses offered, look for websites that give some of their favorite ways to play. 

OnlineCasinoGems is a great source for information on fine bonuses and popular sites available for play. Most UK-based gamblers are constantly looking out for fun sites with great games and high payouts.

Live Gambling

Although online casinos are on the rise, gambling in brick-and-mortar casinos and playing the lotter, are still prominent in the UK.

Betting on machines is so ingrained in British culture that it continues to go on as a tradition in this modern age. Taking a walk down the road to the local shop to take a few pulls on the machine will never get old for Britishers. 

The lottery is also a popular way to gamble offline in the UK. When players buy a National Lottery ticket, money is donated to charities that need it. The gambling industry in the UK is well-regulated and involved with positive social causes. 

Though some live gambling locations are shutting down due to the popularity of online gambling, players can still feel the thrill of offline slots, bingo and betting in many places across the region.

The gambling industry is very successful, but how?

Many countries struggle to keep problem gambling down and winnings high for players. The UK has been doing well with this for years, in part because of regulations set by the Gambling Commission.

If the Gambling Commission continues to enforce the rules about gambling both online and offline, there is no doubt the industry will continue to thrive.

This organization takes pride in its regulation of commercial gambling, operating licensure, and the National Lottery.

The regulations are not overly restrictive, but they do keep crimes associated with gambling to a minimum. They also make sure games are completely fair to play and try to keep the harmful effects of gambling away from young children.

The future of gambling in the UK is dependent on the Gambling Commission's control over the industry.

Gambling benefits the job market, too!

The people who run betting shops need their jobs. Without the popularity of gambling, thousands of people would not have their current means of employment.

Employing the population is an important part of keeping a society up and running. Despite the possible negative effects that gambling can have, the thousands of jobs this industry provides keep society functioning.

No matter your forte, the gambling industry in the UK has a job for you. Many people would suffer if the gambling culture in the UK ceased to exist.

The UK is a great place to bet a little money and hope to win. With easily understood regulations and so many platforms for playing, you can gamble safely.

Whether you love live games or playing online, the UK will offer you exactly what you need. The popularity and safety of new online casino games are making gambling an industry of which everyone wants to be a part. 

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