Patricia Arce, the female mayor of a little town called Vinto located in Bolivia was aggressively attacked by protesting citizens. The Bolivian mayor was forced to walk through the streets in their town without any shoes. The protesters forcibly poured her red paint and cut her hair.

The Mayor of Vinto was also forced by the opposition group to hold a heavy metal pole while walking down the streets of the town while barefoot, with cut hair, and covered with red paint. The red paint had covered her face, arms, and clothes.

The attack on the Bolivian mayor was an act to show the protester's disapproval of the leadership of the current president of Bolivia, President Evo Morales. The Governing Mas party's supporter, Patricia Arce, was rescued by the police authorities in Vinto after many hours from the attack.

This is the latest news involving the numerous clashes with supporters of the government and the opposing side. The clash primarily centers on the results of the controversial elections for the presidential race in the country. There were talks that the current mayor had cheated on the results of the elections.

Currently, there were three people reported who have died since the election on October 20. One of the people who had died because of the incident regarding the attack on the Bolivian mayor was a student, 22 years old.

The protesters against the government had violently marched to the municipal office and violently forced the mayor to walk outside the street before setting the municipal building on fire.

According to the current president of Bolivia, Patricia Arce was attacked for being a supporter of his leadership in the Movement for Socialism (MAS) party.

According to the president of Bolivia, Mayor Arce was cruelly abducted and hurt for expressing and defending her ideals and the principles of the poorest.

Numerous images involving the attack on the Bolivian mayor were shown on television. She was later on rescued by the police riding motorcycles. In a video posted on different social media platforms, Patricia Arce had released a statement while being circled by masked opposition protesters.

The mayor had said that she is afraid, to tell the truth. She called Bolivia as not a free country. She said that she will not stop talking regardless of the risk of losing her life. She strongly includes in her statement that she will offer her life for a change.

The MAS party obligated the justice system in the country to press charges to the attackers of the municipal building and the town's mayor.

According to the office of Mayor Arce, she is still recovering from the incident.

Vice President Alvaro Garcia had states that the people who attacked Mayor Arce believes that being female is a crime, same a being humble and wearing a skirt. 

According to Vice President Garcia, the violence happening all over the country was the first for Bolivia. He called the attack as fascism (attacking women and causing them harm for their cultural status). He named the events that are circulating in the country as a "fascist wave".

Women's Social Organization, an organization focused on empowering women, had expressed to the public their anger on the incident. They had expressed their dismay and extreme hatred for the insults of racism, hatred, violence, and discrimination shown by the opposition groups.