Privacy Apps for Android
(Photo : Pixabay)

Security and privacy have become issues online in 2019 following a series of online glitches worldwide that affected personal lives and the global market.

It is important to know that many free applications can be downloaded online, but are carrying data privacy threats to its users since most are not encypted. One of the basic things that you always do to protect yourself from this problem is to download an app and check the browser setting to help you mitigate this issue. 

If you are serious about protecting yourself from this issue then it is now time for you to go a few steps further. The first step that you can take is using antivirus software. Most of the time, antivirus software is only free for 1 month and you have to subscribe and pay in the following months. Is it better? Yes, because the more you update your terms of a subscription the more you are protected.

You can also use VPN app services or a VPN app that is specifically designed for android. Moreover, the best step that you can take to protect yourself from privacy and security problems online is to have encryption software. It is common knowledge in the tech industry that the use of encrypted software is the safest way to protect someone from malware. 

According to an article published in MSN News, here are the top five best privacy apps and software tools that you can use in your Android devices:

1. Express VPN 

This VPN has consistently ranked number one in the best VPN for Android. Its speed is incomparable and it also has 160 server locations in 94 countries. You also don't need to worry of you will encounter problems in using this VPN because its customer service is open 24/7. 

2. Kyms

The name of the app stands for "Keep Your Media Safe" and this disguises as a normal calculator. Once you download this, its name on the home screen is "KyCalc" which can also do what a normal calculator normally does. It needs a four-digit pin as a password and once you open this it will open an encrypted vault where you can store text images and videos. 

The best thing about this application is it has its browser where you can download videos online straight into the vault. Meantime, its utility will let your files to be transferred to and from other devices over your network. 

3. Orbot

This app is developed by the Guardian Project and this is best used with its companion apps, the Orfox Brower, that will help you to browse in different sites safely. You don't need to worry if it asks about your location because using this software will give you an encrypted connection and it will be routed through several computers. 

4. DuckDuckGo

There are instances where the leading search engines like Google and Bing where your search terms may be shared in the third party like the sites you visit. This means that this will leave traces that be traced back to you. Using this application, there will be no information that will be shared in the third party about the items that you are searching for in the different search engines. 

5. FreeOTP Authenticator

There are social media where there is two-factor authentication. Most of the time the second code before you can log-in is sent through another device like mobile phones. However, the reason why this app is recommended because this helps to generate two-factor codes for a wide range of services.