Looking for the best, widely-recommended homemade tortillas in Houston? For Mexican food lovers, here are top five restaurants in Houston where you can get the freshest wraps whether you opt for a burrito or an enchilada or a quesadilla on the go:

1. El Topo

El Topo, located at 6119 Edloe St., West University Place, offers healthy, vegan-friendly Mexican meals from locally sourced ingredients. Opened in 2015, El Topo started off as food truck with the owner Tony Luhrman and his best friend and co-owner Michael Serva. Its cuisine features sophisticated tacos on hand-pressed tortillas, delicate pastries baked from scratch, and quality-sourced meats and produce draped in old-fashioned cowboy campfire cookery.

Here are some of the reviews by El Topo customers:

"People. This place is magic. The decor is amazing. The staff is personable and kind. For those of you who don't know the El Topo food truck then you might not know how unique it is..."

- Jenny W.

"I've followed Tony and El Topo for a few years now on Instagram via his food truck, and was so excited about the El Topo restaurant opening up RIGHT in my neighborhood. I was not let down by my breakfast experience!... They had flour and corn tortillas both- and the corn is grilled and honestly so tasty that I'm still thinking about it days later... Anyway, I can't wait to go back and try more things. Great location. Great service..."

-          Whitney S.

2. Puebla's Mexican Kitchen

This restaurant located at 6320 N Main St. started in 2001 as a small Mexican "panaderia" known as Puebla Bakery. It soon turned into a bona fide food joint when it started offering menudo, tamales, and barbacoa on weekends. In 2003, due to popular demand and overcrowding, it relocated just a block away to a bigger location and expanded its menu to offer a variety of traditional homestyle Mexican dishes. In 2011, Puebla Bakery was reborn as Puebla's Mexican Kitchen & Bakery when the owner's son took ownership, bringing a fresh perspective to the restaurant while still staying true to their family recipes.


Here are some of the reviews by Puebla's Mexican Kitchen customers:

"Cute little spot. Delicious breakfast burrito. Amazing salsa. Good atmosphere, great food. Simple." - Dominique C.

"Been coming since I was a kid. Best cinnamon coffee in town !! Best breakfast burritos!! Iv tried pretty much every plate and have yet to ever be disappointed.  Don't let me forget the oldies music selection to set the perfect vibes!" - Christopher P.

3. La Reyna Tortilleria - Irvington

This humble restaurant located at Ivington Blvd. has been selling freshly made Tortillas as well as 100% Mexican Food for 20 years.

You have a variety of foods to take away, always with the best quality in our products and in the service for you.

"Rotisserie chicken is moist and has good seasoning and has great taste from the wood. Corn tortillas were soft with a bit of chewiness that are easily the best in town..." - Tran B.

"... I'm a new barbacoa-aholic and I don't normally care too much for corn tortillas, but this is the best barbacoa I've had yet and the corn tortillas were surprisingly delicious (super soft, just the right bit chewy)." - Sine O.

4. La Reynera Bakery

This small bakery located at 4120 McKinney St. is a hidden gem for its customers.

One customer wrote, "Homemade flour tortillas, and warm savory fillings! I got the picadillo, and it was delicious. Hearty ground beef with carrots, tastes kinda like a stew but obviously without the broth. Great option to try if you are tired of the usual Barbacoa or fajita meat tacos. Comes with a side of sauce, but was too spicy for my tastes. $2.50 each taco. Check this place out if you are in the area!"

5. TAQO Mexican Kitchen y Tequileria

Located at 1343 Yale St., The Heights, this Mexican restaurant has gained great reviews despite being relatively new to the area. The space may be small inside, but the  setting outside gives you a picnic-vibe that's fun and great if you eat here with a group of friends.

Here are some of the reviews by TAQO Mexican Kitchen y Tequileria customers:

"... The flavor was spot on, their take on gourmet tacos were out of bounds, and on top of that the dishes they prepared for us were incredibly filling. The salsa verde they gave to us to pair our chips with was loaded with a citrusy flavor and hint of spice that just popped!" - Matthew Q.

"This place is very tasty! It did not disappoint.  We had the beef fajita bowl which was good.  The tacos were also good, even with the cactus tortillas! I also really like the El Don hot sauce they carry." - Heather T.

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