A decade ago, a Catholic man named Victor Damian Rozo denounced his religion to serve who he believes to be the "one true God," Lucifer. Rozo, a Colombian man, claimed to be the very Son of the devil, establishing what others now know as the Templo de Lucifer.

Templo de Lucifer, also known as The Luciferian Seeds of Light Temple, is located in Quimbaya, Colombia. The "church" itself is bedecked in symbols commonly associated with Satanism, including inverted crosses, and Baphomet sigils and idols.

Belief System

Luciferianism is a belief system that hails Lucifer as a guardian and a light bringer that guides spirits to darkness. Though often associated with Satanism, Luciferianism worships "a broader idea of Lucifer" based on ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures.

In both ancient societies, Lucifer, who is also referred to as "the morning star," signifies enlightenment, independence, and progressiveness.

According to Learn Religions, Luciferianism revolves around seeking knowledge. Worshippers are not dependent on Lucifer the way other religions regard their key figures. Knowledge is fluid and open to criticism and change. Luciferians are encouraged to keep a dynamic perspective of life and view knowledge and wisdom as the key to happiness.

Luciferianism also celebrates arts and sciences the way people who lived in the Rennaissance era adhered to creative expression and scientific exploration. In the Luciferian belief system, arts and sciences are important to personal development.

The Temple

In an interview with a media company, Victor Damian Rozo claimed he is arranging an army of Lucifer's children to "confront" the Catholic church who they refer to as "the grand whore."

Rozo said he denounced Catholicism primarily due to their history, a subject that has been criticized for decades. He also claims the Catholic Church has involved millions of people across the world in "a huge scam."

The Catholic church has been embroiled in multiple controversies, including covering up thousands of sexual misconduct involving priests. High-ranking officials and church leaders were often transferred to other religious institutions when complaints came in.

In February 2012, the Roman Catholic Church also cut funding for a small nonprofit organization after the group joined forces with an LGBTQ+ advocacy group.

In the Seeds of Light temple, Rozo said the idea of evil does not exist. Followers are judged based on their character and behavior.

Devil's Pact

The Templo de Lucifer performs pacts with the devil that effectively "changes a person's doctrine and religion." A pact, Rozo said, only requires worshippers to embrace and accept Lucifer.

The temple was established after Lucifer visited Rozo in his sleep. He said the Morning Star selected him as "the chosen one." He was also ordered to organize a Luciferian army made of loyal souls.

A man who lost his legs and was living in poverty allegedly gained money, a car, and a better life status after he turned to the Devil.

A local journalist who investigated the church, however, found Rozo paid the handicapped man to promote the church. The Temple of Lucifer was also accused of playing with people's hopes and dreams.

They also arranged to undergo an initiation where Rozo was caught and recorded negotiating money for actors who would play as the temple's believers. Materials and items used during the ceremony were thrown away in bushes or in the pool after the event, signifying that Lucifer's "son" may also have doubts in his "faith."

"No doubt, this guy knows how to put on a show," the journalist said.

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