In a span of just a few months, COVID-19 has indeed changed the way we live. And the pandemic's demand for us to stay at home is showing how useful technology is--more companies are now open to the idea of working from home, learning has moved from the classroom to the home, and the entertainment industry has adapted to an online setting. Just last Thursday, Alejandro Meola shared a live stream of his 'La Inmigracion' concert on his website and YouTube channel.

Alejandro Meola, Pride of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires artist Alejandro Meola has been inspiring people since he released his first album, called Santos Bonaerenses, in 2010. The independent artist, craft songwriter, and guitarist has taken his love of music from various legends like Noel Gallagher and John Lennon, to create his own brand of music.

From there, he moved to New York in 2013 and shared his music in cafes. In 2015, he went on to pursue his so far most ambitious project, First Impressions.

Later in 2018, Meola released Blue Whale, which featured Lullaby, a song he described as a "very fragile melody with a jazz-ish swing and Beatle vibes."

In 2019, he then released La Inmigracion, for which he recently did an hour's length of a live stream concert.

ICYMI: Here's La Inmigracion

Last Thursday, April 30, Alejandro Meola has streamed the record release party in Buenos Aires for his 2019 album, La Inmigracion.

Last year, for the first time in seven years, Meola had played in his hometown--talk about nostalgia! After the show in Buenos Aires, where his then tour was kicked off, he played his music in Nashville, Memphis, Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Meola expressed his take on the current situation and how he is looking forward to once again enjoying live music after the quarantine. "In these uncertain days, I appreciate even more this point in time and space, wishing we soon have the chance to share and celebrate music alive again, in person, with all those textures that can't be fully expressed through a screen," he said. "Until then, I invite you to prepare a snack and revisit the full hour-long concert together on my website."

La Inmigracion: An Ode to Distance and Nostalgia

Meola's 2019 album, La Inmigracion, is an ode to distance and nostalgia. Meola talked about the album as more of a representation of a person's development and not just physical relocation.

"Immigration doesn't necessarily have to be geographical or physical," he said. "We all migrate on a regular basis--jobs, houses, relations, and even versions of ourselves."

The album is also a mark on Meola's return to the Spanish language. This is after four years of releasing several of his work in English, some of which were featured in international platforms in EuropeAustralia, and Japan.

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