Centers for tourism in Mexico had been witnessing a decrease in visitors. Violence has been observed in some parts of the country, even before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic had made it even worst for the situation of tourism in the country.

Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is also a significant area for drug trafficking in the United States. It was recently reported that the area witnessed a battle between drug traffickers and the government on January 27. Lots of deaths and injuries had been seen in the area during that devastating day, all for the illegal drug trade.

A Collection of News About Violence and Death in Mexico's Tourism Spots

Recently, various cases of violence were reported in Mexico.

An example is news about the death of Quintana Roo's state police commander in September 2019. The Jalisco Cartel New Generation was reported to have caused his death, says a recent article.

The coordinator of the local Labor Party, Luis Alfredo Flores Manzanilla, lost his life in January in Tulum, a popular tourist area in Mexico.

A former Democratic Revolution deputy, Román Guzmán González, died in February in his ranch near Bacalar.

Furthermore, political assassinations were reported in the country. The mayor of Mahahual, Obed Durón Gómez, was shot. His shooter remains unknown, but his case's investigators are looking at the death threats he has been receiving from crime groups who were intimidating him to end the quarantine period.

Crimes In the Country

In January, a plane was asked by military fighter planes to land in Quintana Roo. It was reported that the plane carried cocaine worth $12 million. It was revealed that the plane originated from Argentina.

For the first eight months of 2019, it was reported by the Defense Ministry of Mexico that there were more than 100 flights related to the incident in Quintana Roo.

México Evalúa

México Evalúa had expressed that the increasing violence cases in the country are a challenge for the entire nation. It was able to make conclusions based on the data involving the country's crime and tourist information. The group was able to release a report in April 2019. They stated in the report that there are four regions in the country where violence and tourism are both observed. These regions are Riviera Maya, Central Mexico, US-Mexican northwest border, and the south-central Pacific coast.

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Effects on Tourism

Due to the increasing volumes of violence in tourism areas in Mexico, many are experiencing a significant drop in visitors.

The coronavirus pandemic had made things worse by affecting the arrival of new visitors in many of Mexico's tourist attractions and destinations. In some places across the country, locals had been trying their best to block visitors and prevent them from entering their land. Locals fear that visitors may be bringing the coronavirus with them.