Different social media sites scramble to delete the 26-minute 'Plandemic,' a video of another COVID-19 conspiracy theory, because it violates the policy guidelines, according to a recently published article.

Social Media Sites Delete 26-minute Conspiracy Video

The 26-minute video titled 'Plandemic,' which is a blended word from 'Planned Epidemic,' went viral across different social media sites earlier this week. The video was viewed for more than a million times. Even though social media sites tried to delete it, but people keep on re-uploading it and change its binary formula making it hard to censor the video.

The video features a former medical researcher well-known for her criticisms in various vaccination programs, Dr. Judy Mikovits. The videocast doubts on the response of the U.S. against the virus, most especially towards Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

The video even became more interesting because it was edited to make it like a standard documentary video and with higher production standards compared to other documentary videos.

What are the Claims of 'Plandemic'?

The first part if the conspiracy video claimed that COVID-19 was the result of experiments sponsored by the United States. It also strings about how the virus will kill millions of people and a vaccine that will make a person more susceptible to COVID-19.

Aside from that, the video also claims that using gloves and masks can make a person sicker, and beaches were intentionally closed because of its healing microbes. However, these claims are not supported by health organizations; that's why social media sites deleted it.

The most intriguing part of the video is its claim that the number of deaths due to the new virus is falsified to control the overall population.  

Why was the video deleted?

In a recently published article, it says that a YouTube spokeswoman told them that the video violates the guidelines of the video platform. She said the video was removed because of its content, which is medically unsubstantiated or not supported by medical health organizations. Additionally, the video also claims there's a cure for COVID-19, which is not supported by any evidence.

For Vimeo, it says that they "stand firm in keeping [its] platform safe from content that spreads harmful and misleading health information." They also added that they will continue to monitor the said video and will delete videos of the same content. 

Since the global pandemic began, there are many misinformations about the new virus from its transmission to its cure. This led to different social media sites to control and strengthen its policy and guidelines. They also scramble to delete different videos that are potentially misleading the viewers.

There are big social media sites like Facebook and Twitter that are using tools to point users towards reliable sources of information. In this time of the global pandemic, it is vital to know the credibility of information by tracing its source. 

Many are trying to act as experts in the field of medicine and giving different advice using media sites. Still, it is important to listen to the government's advice and health officials.

Watch the full video here.

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