Trump's administration wanted to lessen its dependence on China and India for the COVID-19 drugs and its ingredients by awarding a $354 million contract to the U.S. based corporation, according to a recently published article.

Drug Dependence of the United States to China and India

The global pandemic has led the United States to depend on its drugs and medicines to China and India to fight COVID-19. The increasing number of persons being hospitalized due to the new coronavirus and related illnesses has led to the shortages of available medicines and drugs.

In an attempt to lessen its dependence on China and India, Trump's administration has awarded a contract amounting to $354 million to the U.S.based and privately-held Phlow Corporation to make COVID-19 drugs, other essential drugs, and their ingredients. 

This was also confirmed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Tuesday and added that the four-year contract can be extended up to 10 years that will amount to $812 million. This move of the administration will not only lessen its dependence on foreign countries but support its drug supply chain as well. 

Things to Know About Phlow Corporation

Phlow Corporation is based in Virginia. An article mentioned that they  announced online, "The United States' drug supply chain is broken, becoming dangerously dependent upon Foreign Suppliers for our most essential generic medicines."

They announced online via posting that more than 80 percent of active pharmaceutical ingredients are being produced by foreign countries. This means that the U.S. is very vulnerable to disruptions in drug supply chains. Additionally, the trade war and agreement of China and the U.S. have also made the supply a big problem.

The Phlow Corporation aims to produce, manufacture, and secure the nation's most essential medicines that are made in the American soil. 

Peter Navarro, director of the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, said in another report: "For far too long, we've relied on foreign manufacturing and supply chains for our most important medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients while placing America's health, safety, and national security at grave risk."

It was reported that Phlow already delivered 1.6 million doses of five essential generic medicines used to treat patients at the different hospitals across the county who have COVID-19. These demands for the supply has increased in the wake of the pandemic with more and more test positive.

To meet the demand for the medicines and drugs, Phlow has partnered with other groups such as Civica Rx, Ampac Fine Chemicals, and the Medicines for All Institute. Additionally, Phlow and its partners have also delivered medicines used for sedation who depend on a ventilator, medicines for pain management, and certain essential antibiotics.

Eric Edwards, MD, Ph.D., co-founder, president, and CEO, Phlow said: "In the midst of this pandemic, America needs a reliable source of high quality, domestically manufactured, affordable pharmaceuticals and their key ingredients. his advanced manufacturing capability will significantly fortify our nation's pharmaceutical supply chain for critical medicines, including many required to treat patients hospitalized with COVID-19." 

The global pandemic has exposed the U.S. to its reliance on the foreign supply chain. Now, the partnership of the federal government and the Phlow corporation is expected to sustain and supply the medicines needed not only to combat the new coronavirus but other diseases as well. 

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