Almost 40 migrants have reportedly sent back to Mexico via the Nogales ports under a mandate that, officials say, sanctions for quick "expulsions" during a global health crisis. According to the Department of Homeland Security, the expulsions which let the officers send migrants in custody back to Mexico "across the border in just a few hours," under Title 42 of the emergency health law.

Agents at the border, according to report, started expressing deportations in March, and about six migrants were sent back through Nogales to Mexico in the same month. After the removal of six people, 21 more migrants were removed in the middle of April. This month, 16 people had again, been sent back to Mexico, according to the information which the US Customs and Border Protection provided.

For Public Health Safety

Officials of the DHS have insisted that Title 42 expulsions are intended for the safeguarding of public health. Critics, however, argue that such ruling is denying the rights of migrants and proclaim that the US government, specifically the Trump administration, has used the ongoing public health crisis, reportedly as an excuse to enforce tougher immigration rules. Specifically, the CBP statistic showed that DHS was able to carry out more than 6,400 Titles 42 removals in March, and over 14,400 more last month, along the whole Southwest border.

A CBP news release said the policy was employed middle of last month to send back the reported four undocumented car passengers that stopped in Rio Rico following a quest

Title 42 Expulsions

On March 21 this year, President Trump, in keeping with "Title 42 of the US Code Section 265," resolute that by the cause of the COVID-19's existence in Canada and Mexico, there is a severe threat of the virus' further introduction into the US. The Title 42 expulsion also states that elimination of the persons or property's introduction, either entirely or partly, from Canada and Mexico is needed in the interest of public health.

Under this order, the CBP prohibits the entry of some individuals who possibly pose a health threat, "either by being subject to formerly declared travel limitations," or due to the fact that they illegally entered the US to bypass health screening procedures. To contribute to the prevention of COVID-19's introduction into border facilities, as well as into the US, individuals subject to the said ruling are not going to be held in crowded places for the procedure.

Instead, they will instantaneously be expelled to their home "country if last transit." In any circumstance, as indicated in the policy, when and where an individual cannot be sent back to his country, CBP coordinates with interagency partners for the security of expulsion to that particular person's home country and hold him the shortest period of time possible. This order, the policy specified, does not apply to those who need to be exempted according to considerations of public health interests, officer and public safety, or law enforcement.

In essence, removals under Title 42 are not reliant on the immigration status. More so, they are traced independently from "immigration enforcement actions" like worry or hesitation, or inadmissibility which the CBP reports on a regular basis. 

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