2020 will be the sixth year that Amazon will be conducting Prime Day, according to an article. However, changes are expected to be witnessed with this well-awaited retail event as the novel coronavirus had changed almost everything including how businesses operate. 

Based on an article, 2019's Prime Day was started on July 15 where exclusive offers were provided for Amazon prime members. It was a 48-hour sale with many deals and discounts that had made many prime members of Amazon spending their money on good bargains.

Based on an article, Amazon normally holds the summer sale event on a Monday. Also, the article reveals that the company generally announce the actual date of the sale a few weeks before.

However, for this year, the date of this exciting retail event is still not announced but an article reveals that there is a possibility 2020's Prime Day will not be in July but in September. Prime Day was normally set to start in the middle of July but the pandemic had affected the start of the event. 

Getting The Consumers Ready

An article states that there are many reasons for the rescheduling of the event. The article states that one of the reason is the economic constraints that the public encounters as the coronavirus virus pose as a threat to everyone. People will not be energetic and excited as much as the previous years' Prime Day sale as they are still worrying about the coronavirus and its effects on business, lifestyle, and other aspects of a person's life. It means that a postponement of the Prime Day Sale and a potential start date in September will give people enough time to adjust to the changes. This possibility may help get the people back in the mood to grab discounts and deals from the sale. 

Getting Manufacturers Back On Their Feet

Due to the many restrictions on selling amid the lockdowns such as the prioritization of essential products, many manufacturers and sellers on Amazon that were classified to offer non-essential goods to consumers had lost many earning opportunities on the platform.

The Prime Day sale of Amazon may provide a wide door for them to get their profits back.

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The Competitors

The Prime Day sale of Amazon is the event of a successful sale for the company that even other competitor firms such as eBay and Target also schedule the event of a sale on the same date or period, according to an article. It means that the company's strategy is effective at allowing its manufacturers to earn more during the period. 

Furthermore, Walmart and Best Buy will also be conducting sales and providing discounted prices to the public whenever the specific date of Prime Day says is announced, according to an article. It means that large retail stores will also be adjusting their prices to compete with the discounts and offers provided by many retailers in Amazon during the sale.