What could be more painful than the thought of losing of a loved one? Members of Naya Rivera's family looked somber as they visited the lake where the Glee star's recovery search continues.

The search party consists of Rivera's mother, Yolanda, and younger brother NFL star Mychal Rivera.

The actress' mother and brother were seen at the Ventura County Lake on Saturday, both in life jackets, as the county sheriff's department reached the fourth day of looking for the actress, reported Hollywood Life.

A source told People that the family members have been at the lake since the actress's disappearance. On Saturday, they joined the recovery search on the sheriff's boat.

ABC producer Anastasia Williams shot a photo of a man and a woman at the dock. She tweeted it, saying Rivera's mother was "kneeling on the dock with her arms outstretched towards the water."

The sheriff's department had been using all the same resources for the past three days: cadaver dogs, sonar technology, helicopters, Ventura County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Capt. Eric Buschow told ET Online.

The department also confirmed that Tulare County Sheriff and San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office helped with the recovery search. They didn't report any changes in the status of the case.

Rivera was presumed dead.

Rivera was first declared missing on Wednesday, July 8, when her son Josey was found on a pontoon boat alone.

Police said Rivera rented the boat at around 1 p.m., and, three hours later, the child was found in the boat by himself. The child was found after a 911 call telling a child was alone with the "mother nowhere to be found."

The next day, she was presumed to have drowned in Lake Piru. The search was changed into a recovery mission since.

Security footage showed her dressed in shorts and flip flops as she walked to the lake with her son after parking in the lot. This is believed to be the last image of the actress before she disappeared.

Authorities shared footage of their underwater search. It showed how low the visibility is on the floor of the lake.

Sonar equipment may have picked up some underwater images, but none of those appeared to be Rivera.

Police have previously said that Rivera's body "may never" be found to be "entangled in something" under the water.

They did not see a reason to suspect foul play or a suicide attempt, leaving them with a case that is "still a mystery."

As long as the search for Rivera is ongoing, the lake will stay closed to the public.

Buschow said they are confident Rivera can be found wherever she went down. They, however, are having a hard time finding out where the exact spot is.

He added that there is "a lot of areas to cover." The lake is two miles long, and the deepest point is 130 feet.

Rivera did not return to the boat.

Authorities said Josey was "in good health" when they found him, despite his mother's disappearance. The child reunited with his father, Ryan Dorsey, Rivera's ex-husband.

The toddler told investigators that Rivera did not get back into the boat once they were in the water, a press release said.

Ventura County Sheriff Sgt. Kevin Donoghue said he is hopeful of finding Rivera at some point in time. "We want to bring peace and closure to the Rivera family. This is a tragic event," he said.

Buschow said the sheriff's department is trying their best to provide the family with closure.

Unto the depths of uncertainty, the family searches, hoping that they would find Naya Rivera in no time at all.

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