Today is Demi Lovato's "Miracle Day." It is the day she has held dear for two years since she was hospitalized for an overdose. The star took to Instagram on Friday a reflection of the past years.

According to Lovato, she was "so blessed" to have a "miracle day" as it represented how doctors from Cedar's Sinai hospital saved her from a terrible overdose.

The miracle day also represents how her life "has become something beyond [her] wildest dreams," Lovato added.

According to Entertainment Online, the overdose was highly publicized at that time. She spent two weeks in the hospital and completed three months of treatment from a mental health facility, reported E! Online.

But now, two years after, the actress-musician said she has a lot to look forward to. 

"I can genuinely say I feel free of my demons," she added. Lovato did not think a day marking her second miracle day would happen, but it did.

Celebrating Love

Billboard noted of Lovato's reference to her ring finger's "me" tattoo. Now, the finger is home to the engagement ring given to her by her fiancé Max Ehrich.

Lovato said that while falling in love "didn't hurt," she also found ways to show more love to herself. She said she'd "done more work" on herself over the past two years than she has done in her entire life. She added that the things that used to make her feel down for weeks or months "pass like tropical storms."

Lovato believed that faith helped her in this process. In the post, she said she believed that she was given peace, understanding and strength to fight through her "darkest times."

When she had the tattoo, she made a vow to love herself. "You can't fully love another without loving yourself first," she said.

Lovato also thanked her fans, friends and family for supporting her in spite of the incident.

The post also featured a shot by Ehrich shortly before proposing to her. It was a black-and-white video of the star in a car with her eyes closed.

In the video, the Paramore's song "The Only Exception" can be heard in the background.

Ehrich's proposal went down in Malibu, California. Lovato confirmed their engagement in a separate but equally heartwarming Instagram post on Wednesday.

In it, she said her father used to call her his "little partner." The word made sense to her when Ehrich proposed to her.

Lovato expressed her love for her fiancé and said: "It was something I can't describe to anyone who hasn't experienced it firsthand but luckily you did too."

The two were rumored to be dating for a long time before they finally confirmed they relationship last May. They made a surprise appearance in a music video for Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande's quarantine tune, "Stuck With U".

An E! News source said the pair shared a deep connection that was unlike anything they felt before.

"They just click on every level," the source said. They described the pair as a "when you know, you know" case. They also said Ehrich has been very supportive of Lovato's sobriety.

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