Tropical Storm Marco
(Photo : National Hurricane Center Twitter (@NHC_Atlantic))
Tropical Storm Marco

Tropical storms moved across the Caribbean on Saturday night, posing a historic threat to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

One of the tropical storms is raining over Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and the other one is pushing through the gap between Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba. They are Tropical Storms Laura and Marco.

Both Tropical storms are organizing quickly after initial struggles to survive. They are forecast to be miles apart, reported CBS News.

Both tropical storms are expected to approach Louisiana at hurricane force at just a day or two apart next week. If not at hurricane force, they might just come close to that strength, said an Associated Press report.

Historic Tropical Storm Double Blow

Two hurricanes have never been in the Gulf at the same time. This was proven by records going back to at least 1900, hurricane researcher Phil Klotzback said.

The last time two tropical storms were together in the Gulf was in 1959, he said. Two storms making landfall in the U.S. within 24 hours next to each other last happened in 1933, he added.

Projections from the U.S. National Hurricane Center on Saturday afternoon point to both storms being in the Gulf together by Monday. It showed Marco hitting Louisiana while Laura will make landfall in the same general area by Wednesday.

Forecasts have been greatly varied for the two storms so far, still making many uncertainties on the time span.

Tropical Storm Watch Issued

A tropical storm watch was issued for the Florida Keys from Ocean Reef to Key West. One was also issued for the Dry Tortugas, as Laura is expected to pass the Keys on Monday, forecasters said.

A CNN report said Marco might reach hurricane status as soon as Saturday night.

Laura is also expected grow into a hurricane in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico by Tuesday.

It could become a Category 1 hurricane, but the prediction might be conservative because the warm waters in the Gulf could strengthen it rapidly.

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