Fathers can gush about their kids. Looking through these Latinos social media accounts, it's obvious how much love they feel for their kids.

William Levy shares little moments with his children on social media every once in a while. When he started his Instagram account, one of the first pictures he shared was of their carnival birthday party that he was so happy to be able to provide for his children. In this picture, he talks about not taking life too seriously. "You have to smile in life .... Greetings and kisses to all of you on behalf of these three crazy people," he said.

Gerard Pique is as crazy about little Milan as Shakira is. In an older snap, he shared a picture of himself, Shakira and their baby. "After the game, Camp Nou empty, enjoying the classification with my family," he said. Pique and Shakira smile on as Milan sleeps.

Juanes could not be more proud of his smart daughter. "Congratulations my precious Luna for your principal's honor roll!!!" he said. He definitely looks even happier than the girl with the good grades.

You can just look at Kid Cudi's picture and know that's love. The rapper takes his responsibilities as a father seriously.

Sebastiàn Rulli posts pictures of his son on a regular basis. He has even showed off the matching shirts the two wear that say #SantiTime, which are used when he gets to spend time with his son. (He splits custody with ex-wife Cecilia Galliano.) "Nothing makes me happier than enjoying time with my son," he said.

Ricky Martin shared this adorable picture of his twins. He didn't say much with which to accompany the snap, but you can just see how happy he is.

Lionel Messi shared a birthday picture seven months ago. It was captioned with, "happiest birthday thiago we love you !! you mean the world to us."

Victor Cruz used his daughter to wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day. He said, "Happy Valentine's Day from my Stanks' Jordan's to yours."