Halloween and Thanksgiving would not be complete without pumpkins. Pumpkins have always been part of these two festivities as these add a festive ambiance or atmosphere with these events. Most of the time, it's the kids that are readily quick to look for pumpkins to participate cheerfully in almost all pumpkin activities during these seasons.

Fortunately, there are so many pumpkin fun-filled activities to do this forthcoming holiday. There's just no shortage of what you can do with pumpkins. Whether you use the for decoration or for food, you'll have a blast with pumpkins during these festivities. If you are looking for pumpkin activities that are fun not only for the kids but for all ages in the family, check out these pumpkin activities for a perfect pumpkin season!

Create Your Mini Backyard Pumpkin Patch

Instead of taking that Pumpkin Patch trip with the family, why not create your own mini backyard pumpkin patch? It doesn't have to be as vast as the other pumpkin patch farms. Your main goal in this activity is to create that fun spirit with your family just right outside your home.

This activity is more feasible by growing pumpkins at home, which is not that complicated if you are still a pumpkin novice. The first important thing you need to do is find the right location for your homegrown pumpkins. These pumpkins must be well-watered every day. Your pumpkins must be well-cared. You might also need to fertilize your pumpkins to create a beautiful pumpkin patch for the coming holiday.

Bake a Pumpkin Pie with the Family

When your creation of a pumpkin patch in your backyard has turned out to be successful, it is best to harvest some pumpkins from it to bake delicious pumpkin pies with your family. Baking a pumpkin pie together is one of the great ways to solidify your bond with your family. No one can ultimately celebrate a holiday season without these yummy pumpkin pies on your table.

Also, pumpkin pies have impressive health benefits to the person. Pumpkin Pies are rich in Vitamin A, which is good for the eyesight. Pumpkin pies can also boost your immune system. Undeniably, baking pumpkin pies with the family will create a stronger family bond and will even yield positive health effects.

Paint your Pumpkin Activity 

Another fun way of celebrating a holiday or thanksgiving is to paint your pumpkins with different funny or smiling faces. You may also paint your pumpkin with a look that best reflects your holiday emotion. You may also make this activity a fun competition to paint the most creative pumpkin among the family members or friends. 

This activity not only allows you to showcase your creativity, but can also function as therapy. Considering that you may express your emotions through pumpkin painting, activities such as these are often therapeutic. Try this fun activity with your family and friends, and expect a very positive effect it will have on your relationships or friendship.

Pumpkin Carving

If you do not want to do away with holiday traditions, then making jack-o-lanterns is for you. This activity is always fun for younger kids, older kids, and even adults.  Carving may be a little challenging to you, but you can use many fresh ideas and ways to arrive at a unique design. You can also upgrade this activity into a more exciting and diverse one. 

It does not have to be always spooky. You may opt for an elegant pumpkin carving design,  playful sporty pumpkin carving design, mermaid pumpkin carving design, or even fashionable pumpkin carving design. The choice is yours, for there should be no limit to a person's creative mind.

Pumpkin Cooking Competition Activity

Although it has been a long-standing tradition of the people to always have a pumpkin pie around the table every holiday or thanksgiving, people are highly encouraged to try different pumpkin food recipes. The best way to achieve this goal is through a pumpkin cooking competition where your family or friends can showcase their cooking talent.

With all the health benefits that one can derive from a pumpkin, it is more beneficial for people to try and prepare different pumpkin food recipes during this coming holiday. Examples of these pumpkin food recipes are Stuffed Pumpkin, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Pumpkin Caramel Cake, and Pumpkin Pancakes. This activity can only be made possible through a healthy pumpkin cooking competition. Now is the best time to let your cooking talent shine!


Indeed, pumpkin is a very significant part of the holiday or thanksgiving as it is a symbol of harvest time. It is difficult to imagine a holiday celebration or thanksgiving table without pumpkins on it. Pumpkins are there to stay forever in every event or thanksgiving celebration. And now that the holiday is coming prepare yourself to engage in all these fun pumpkin activities to enjoy a perfect pumpkin season!