A femme fatale figure has been recently making waves in the social media world, with her low cut tops and poses with guns and rifles.

The said Mexican beauty was named La Cholita, who allegedly belongs to one of the most infamous Los Viagras criminal group led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervante.

Los Viagras is known to be the rival gang of Jalisco New Generational Cartel, according to The Sun.

Reporters have said that La Cholita enjoys making fun of her rivals by sharing sexy pictures of he with bizarre emojis covering her face.

In one of her videos, Cholita reportedly called the members of CJNG members a bunch of cowards after they reportedly abandoned a pickup truck.

One report said that in state of Michoacan a territory war has been started between the CJNG and an alliance Carteles Unidos.

CUs have alleged associations with Los Viagras and Nueva Familia Michocana and Blanacas de Troya.

The ongoing war has also included little children getting killed to control the drug trade in the area.

Cholita's sexy posts are said to be part of an expanding social media war between the gangs to intimidate one another.

CJNG also had a sexy gang member known as La Catrina.

La Catrina was known to be the leader of a team of gunmen that conducted an ambush on state cops on October 14 last year, in Aguililla municipality in Michoacan.

However, she died earlier this year after a shootout ensued between her team and Mexican National Guards.

She was also known showing her curves and dangerous weapons in social media snaps.

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Mexican Gang War

Michoacan is famous for producing 70 percent of the world's avocados. However, this area is also one of the most affected states of Mexico for gang related crime.

A Meaww report said that the Mexican drug gang has killed nine people, including five boys during an attack in an amusement arcade.

The attack immediate killed eight victims on the spot, while one was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Reports said that it was the doing of CJNG, looking for two rival gang members from Los Viagras.

One incident also costed the life a retired Colombian cartel boss. The cartel boss was known as Bento Renteria.

Renteria was killed at home a rival gang in September. The deceased cartel boss rose to power after drug kingpin Pablo Escobar was killed during a shootout against the Drug Enforcement Administration agents.

Renteria was killed in his home at Sanjonia, Tuluan when he was sitting in an armchair and drinking water.

A nine-millimeter hollow-tip bullets was used to assassinate him. The hitman did a headshot before escaping with an accomplice on a motorcycle. After Renteria's death, local officials took extra measures to avoid an outbreak of a gangland war.

Police forces were deployed in the area for security purposes, while investigators are still working to find who ordered the killing.

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Congressional Research Service claimed that Mexican drug trafficking organizations pose the greatest crime threat to the United States.

These organization also have the greatest drug trafficking influence based on DEA's annual National Drug Threat Assessment.