Many Latinos have changed the world with their influence in the respective fields that they have chosen, may it be in politics, astronomy, entertainment, and technology.

Their names have been forever casted in the history with their dreams, aspirations, and major contribution that they have given the world.

Here are some of the Latinos who are acclaimed across the world:

Ellen Ochoa

Ochoa became the first Latino to leave the Earth's atmosphere in 1993, according to a Brink report.

She served on a nine-day mission into space aboard the shuttle Discovery.

Ochoa was from La Mesa, California, where she lived with her single mother and three brothers. She eventually earned her doctorate in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1985, which then led to a research position at Sandia National Laboratories and NASA Ames Research Center.

Ochoa was chosen by NASA in 1990 to become an astronaut, acting as a crew representative for flight software and robotics.

The city of Cleveland celebrated Ochoa's accomplishments in 2011's Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Domingo Liotta

Liotta is one of the most acclaimed medical community with the first total artificial heart implanted in a human body. Liotta developed the practiced and was implanted by surgeon Denton Cooley on Apr. 4, 1969 at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston.

The recipient of the first artificial heart implant was Haskell Karp, who lived for sixty-four hours with the artificial heart pumping oxygenated blood until a human heart was available for transplant, according to an American History profile.

However, Karp died soon after receiving a real heart. With this, some criticized the surgery as unethical as it was performed without formal review by the medical community.

This procedure showed the availability of artificial hearts a bridge to transplant in cardiac patients.

Luis Von Ahn

Ahn was raised in Guatemala and received his bachelor's degree from Duke University and earned his PhD from Carneige Mellon University.

He is known as one of the pioneers of crowdsourcing and is also the co-founder of Duolingo, which made waves in the social media with its engaging and comprehensive language learning activities in a free app.

The app offers language education for 33 languages and is currently serving about 300 million users worldwide, according to an NBC News report.

Ahn is currently working as a full-time CEO of Duolingo and is also the co-founder of CAPTCHA, which is an abbreviation for Completely Automated Public Turing.

Guillermo González Camarena

Can you ever imagine a world, wherein viewers watch their favorite shows in a colorless television? Thanks to Camarena you won't have to.

Camarena is a Mexican machinal engineer who developed several color television systems. He developed and patented a Trichromatic Sequential Fields System from primary colors with the goal of giving color to television, according to Explor and Mexico.

This last patent was granted to him when he was 23-years-old.

But developing a television with color did not stop him. His curiosity led him to manufacture his own telescope, with which he become part of Mexico's Astronomy Association.

A multidisciplinary group called Foundation Guillermo González Camarena was formed in 1995, aiming to promote the talent and creativity of Mexican inventors.

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