Life is mostly known for its roller coaster rides, transitions and changes. While these are inevitable and lives fluctuate almost every moment, amidst these overwhelming changes, feeling good is the springboard for everything! 

When someone feels content, it calms the soul, makes the tasks easier and clarifies sight into the world of opportunities and growth. However, one of the challenges when it comes to life transitions is being comfortable with it. And given that, people tend to get stressed, overwhelmed and depressed when they are seemingly pushed outside of their comfort zone. 

We reached out to one person we think has transitioned beautifully through the years. Global Master Coach Myke Celis in this interview verified just that: 

"I, myself, used to be so scared of change. To start all over again. I came from a space of resistance because of fear of the unfamiliar, the very space most people start with when it comes to transitioning in their lives, whether in their relationships, career, or whatever it is that change calls upon them. In my case, the biggest transition I have done was when I finally decided that I wanted to be a professional coach, 6 years ago, after reaching the peak of my career as an advertising and marketing executive for a whopping 14  years! It wasn't easy, but trust me, it was all worth it!"

Indeed, it was all worth it because now, Myke Celis is considered to be one of the most influential names in the coaching industry to date, with a number of best selling books, international speaking engagements and successful coachees under his name. 

With his constant growth consistent commendable results in transitioning lives, Myke has succeeded in creating a top roster of clients which he admirably considers his "Unicorns." After the 2020 outbreak, Myke has chosen to benefit his clients differently through his specific transition strategies and refreshing approaches. His programs focused on self-empowerment and finding comfort in changes, recognizing what really matters and filling the empty spaces in between with happiness hope. 

While Myke candidly admits the process of getting through these changes can be challenging, he further explains, "It's not easy to transition from one stage of your life to another, but it's very much possible. It's all about focusing on maximizing what you have now and what can still be."

His signature two-pronged coaching program, #BestMeEver encouraged healing and growth, both of which help in making life transitions easier. The celebrity life coach says: 

" In order for one to be able to transition fully, he must be able to heal from his past, accept his present and have a clear vision of what he wants to be. This must come from a space of honesty, authenticity and vulnerability as transitioning demands one to be fully committed to one's genuine self."

He further adds: 

"The hardest thing really is to commit to yourself and the change that you want in your life. However, this becomes easier if one is able to see and recognize his own greatness within, something which I allow all my coachees to experience fully as they become empowered within. That's when change becomes purposeful instead of being driven by fear"

Self-empowerment has always been the strongest suit of this humble coaching powerhouse. It's such a joy conversing with such a free spirit. We asked Myke then what's the best advice he can give to those who are transitioning in their lives now. 

The Unicorn coach had this to say: 

"You have to trust yourself and the process more. Know that as you become uncomfortable, it means that you're actually evolving. That you are finally outgrowing your current space. And that's ok. More than ever, it's best for you to accept just that and go (and grow) with the flow. Life goes on. But remember, you have the power to stir it towards where you want to be, only if you believed in yourself a little bit more. That makes a whole lot of difference in the long run as you become the person you're meant to be. Just be patient with yourself and your journey. You'll make it someday."