The websites for Chase Bank and the investment bank JPMorgan Chase went down Thursday morning. No word on whether this is a technical glitch or a cyber attack.

On Wednesday, the New York Times website went down in what the paper claims was a maintenance issue, but an anonymous source said was a cyber attack. Recently, the New York Times and other major news outlets were compromised by Chinese hackers, possibly working for the Chinese government.

In March, the Chase Bank site went down to a denial-of-service attack carried out by the al-Qassam Cyber Fighters, a group of hackers that take down websites in retaliation for what they consider to be insults against Islam by Western nations.

For now, the main website is down, and all affiliated websites appear to be down as well, but mobile banking is working, though that may change.

Outages of this sort, whether the result of deliberate hacking or simply a technical glitch or scheduled maintenance, rarely last long, and are often resolved within a few hours, though additional, short-lived outages may occur even after most of the issues have been resolved.

Customers worried about the safety of their information or transactions can attempt them in-person at branch offices, or simply wait until the matter is handled by Chase technical support staff.

While DDOS attacks receive plenty of attention and are inconvenient, there is typically little to no long-term damage to websites or data. Still, the interruption in service can be both disconcerting and frustrating.