Facebook froze the Venezuela President's page after claiming and testifying in favor of a solution that promises positive effects on COVID-19. The response of the social media platform follows a video of President Nicolas Marudo promoting the herbal solution even without scientific evidence backing his claims.

It can be remembered that Facebook, along with Twitter, was demanded by attorneys general from 12 American states to take concrete measures on the anti-vaxxers that promulgate misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine. This is in response to the continuous efforts of the federal government to vaccinate Americans and immunize them against the notorious disease.

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Venezuela President Endorses Carvativir 

Apart from freezing the page of President Nicolas Maduro, the company also has taken down his video promoting an oral solution called Carvativir, which he claimed to be effective against the COVID-19, according to a Reuters report.

Maduro labeled the solution derived from thyme as a miracle remedy that can neutralize the manifestations of the disease.

Facebook explains the said video violated a policy that is concerned with false claims, according to a New York Daily News report. Experts also believe that the claims of the Venezuelan president are not backed by scientific research.

"We follow guidance from the WHO (World Health Organization) that says there is currently no medication to cure the virus," said a spokesman from Facebook. Because of the repeated violation of their regulations, the spokesman shared that the page of Venezuela President Marudo will also be frozen by the company for a total of 30 days. The page will have the "read-only" feature and will not be allowed to post during the ban.

In a Twitter post, President Maduro also promoted the said oral solution. A translated passage from his tweet says that "mass productions" of the antiviral solution will soon take place so that their National Public Health System will have the "powerful" solution.

Maduro noted during a televised appearance that only "ten drops under the tongue every four hours" will neutralize the notorious disease.

Venezuela and COVID-19

As of March 27, Venezuela has recorded 154,165 positive cases, according to the World Health Organization. Meanwhile 1, 532 deaths caused by the notorious disease have been reported by the country.

Venezuela has also reported that they had a daily count of between 200 and 500 COVID-19 positive cases in December and January. However, the country recorded 937 new cases on March 19, 2021, while 1,161 new cases on March 20, 2021, according to an Al Jazeera report.

Despite the number of cases, Maduro has been promoting the solution since January. In February, the Venezuelan president accused his critics of taking part in a "campaign of hatred, revenge, and lies." In the same month, Maduro has also claimed that Facebook and other social media platforms have been treating him unfairly. Meanwhile, the administrators of the President's page were notified about the violation. Maduro's account on Instagram will not be affected.

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