First Lady Jill Biden garnered attention on social media after she appeared to mispronounce a Spanish phrase in her speech at a Cesar Chavez Day event on Wednesday.

Appearing alongside California Governor Gavin Newsom, Jill Biden spoke to farmworkers at the Forty Acres in Delano, California for the occasion of Cesar Chavez's birthday, Fox News reported. 

The national historic landmark served as a COVID vaccination site for the last couple of weeks, intending to vaccinate more farmworkers, according to a KRON 4 report.

The Forty Acres is the United Farm Workers union's former headquarters. It was the country's first permanent agricultural labor union founded by civil rights icon and labor movement leader Cesar Chavez.

The Forty Acres is where Cesar Chavez held two of his three famous fasts when he drank only water for a month to send a message to farmworkers that they could build a union through persistence and sacrifice and without using violence.

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Jill Biden Botching a Spanish Motto

The first lady's speech happened at the event entitled a "Day of Action at the Forty Acres." During her speech, Jill Biden used the famous Spanish line "si se puede," which means "yes we can."

However, the phrase, which became popularized by Cesar Chavez and his United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta, was pronounced wrong by Jill Biden.

In the speech, the first lady pronounced the words "si se puede" correctly on separate occasions. But on the third time she mentioned the phrase as she was closing out her speech, she pronounced it "si se pwad-way."

The gaffe stirred up various reactions from the Twitter community, with some people laughing at it. Memes have appeared on Twitter threads that transcribe how Jill Biden pronounced the Spanish phrase.

A Twitter user wondered if what the first lady said. Some even find it funny how the camera zoomed out when the first lady delivered the botched Spanish line. Another user also asked if the first lady started with the "Despacito" song upon delivering her speech.

A Twitter user also expressed curiosity if the first lady knew anyone who speaks Spanish fluently. Even Vice President Kamala Harris was dragged into the issue when someone has noted that Jill Biden is almost as annoying as the vice president.

The phrase "si se puede" was used as a motto by the United Farm Workers in the 1970s, and other activist groups had also adopted it.

Cesar Chavez Day on Forty Acres

Jill Biden has honored the memory of Cesar Chavez during the event. The first lady noted that Cesar Chavez is a big inspiration to President Joe Biden. She said the president started his career inspired by the "civil rights movement."

As president, Jill Biden said her husband fights for those who "often go unseen" and believes that work must be guided by humanity and justice.

In the same speech, the first lady also praised the farmworkers and other essential workers who continue to work amid the COVID-19 pandemic, USA Today reported. 

Jill Biden also stressed the importance of the COVID-19 vaccination drive and advocated for the president's immigration reform proposals.

"To see the first lady of the White House coming to a small city like Delano speaks volumes as to the focus of farmworkers to the Biden administration," said Delano Mayor Bryan Osorio.

Jill Biden's appearance on the Cesar Chavez Day marks the first lady's first time visiting Central California since the president took office in January. 

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WATCH: First Lady Jill Biden Visits Delano's Forty Acres for Cesar Chavez Day Event - From KGET News