An Asian woman was stabbed while walking her dogs in California. The officers who responded to the scene found the victim on the ground bleeding, according to a New York Post report.

The racism against Asian-Americans and other races has increased due to the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic which started in China. This type of action is condemned by education leaders in the state of California. However, the recent stabbing incident that led to the death of the Asian woman is deemed by the authorities to be not connected to the Asian hate crimes. Instead, the authorities noted that it was a "completely random" attack.

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Asian Woman Stabbed

The responding officers on the incident identified the woman as Ke Chieh Meng from Riverside, according to a KTLA 5 report. Officer Ryan Railsback, spokesman for the Riverside Police Department, confirms the tragic incident happened in the area of Golden Avenue, north of Stonewall Drive.

The authorities responded to the scene after seven in the morning, even though they were receiving calls about stabbing even before they dispatched, according to an NBC Los Angeles report.

The 64-year-old victim was rushed by the authorities to the Riverside Community Hospital. Meng was pronounced dead by 8:39 in the morning.

The suspect was identified by the authorities as 23-year-old Darlene Stephanie Montoya. Montoya was arrested by the authorities near the scene.

The authorities described the incident as Montoya "randomly confronted" and attacked the Asian woman. The police confirmed that Montoya stabbed the victim and then fled the scene.

"There was nothing to suggest that the victim was attacked due to her ethnicity," said Railsback.

Suspect on California Stabbing

Shortly after the Asian woman lost her life, the officers from the Riverside received information from the neighbors of the victim, regarding a transient woman walking through their yards acting suspiciously.

Because of this, the police were able to locate and arrest Montoya. It was also revealed that Montoya is a transient from Monterey Park.

"The suspect is homeless from L.A. county," said Railsback, adding that the suspect is suffering from mental health issues as well as substance abuse. Railsback noted that the attack "could have happened to anyone."

Railsback also noted that they are going to research on the drug abuse and mental health history. The spokesman for the Riverside Police Department also pointed out that the authorities will not close doors on anything.

Montoya was arrested by the Riverside Police Department for the second time this week. She was first arrested on Tuesday on a suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon in Tyler Avenue. She allegedly attacked a woman with a skateboard.

The suspect for the death of the Asian woman in California is now booked at the Robert Presley Detention Center for suspicion of murder, suspicion of being under the influence of an illegal substance, and a weapons violation.

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