Latin American countries Peru and Ecuador continued their election amid the COVID-19 crisis their nation is facing. The election of both countries comes as strict public health measures continue to strengthen to their neighboring Latin American countries, according to an Associated Press report.

People from Ecuador were divided as they voted for their presidential candidates, which are composed of a businessman and a former leftist. Meanwhile, Peru will have to mount their president from 18 candidates this year. 

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Ecuador and Peru on their Election


In Ecuador, the presidential candidate will be a faceoff between conservative businessman Guillermo Lasso and André Arauz, a follower of former leftist Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, according to a report from France24.

Lasso finished second in the last two presidential contests as he supports free-market policies and the reconciliation of Ecuador with international organizations. Meanwhile, Arauz is supported by Correa, which has massive support from the Andean nation. Arauz is the one behind the idea of making the rich pay more taxes and backing away from the International Monetary Fund.

"We all wish for an Ecuador of opportunities, free and democratic," said Lasso after casting his vote. Lasso also envisioned every Ecuadorian family becoming prosperous.

Ecuador has about 17.4 million people, and voting in the country is mandatory. France24 pointed out that the battered economy of the country will block the promises of whoever between Lasso and Arauz wins the post of Ecuador's president.

"I don't know how much they can do with such depleted resources," said Carlos de la Torre, the director of the Center for Latin American Studies of the University of Florida. Carlos de la Torre also emphasized that there is a lot of suppressed anger in the nation and that it is a "total disaster."


In Peru, there are 18 hopefuls of the Presidential post after a series of turmoil in their government. Series of Presidents in the country have been ousted for corruption allegations, where some were imprisoned, and some were arrested in their mansions. The whole Congress was also unmounted from the post in connection with corruption scandals.

The number of candidates vying for presidency follows the country's political chaos in November, wherein three individuals were named presidents in just a week after one was impeached by their Congress, still because of corruption issues.

Centrist Yohny Lescano is the one leading the Peruvian polls with the support of 15 percent for the presidency. Lescano was followed by George Forsyth, Rafael López, and Keiko Fujimori.

Peru and Ecuador Voters Amid COVID-19

In Ecuador, voters are required to wear masks and maintain a five feet distance from others. They are only allowed to take off their masks during the checking of their identity.

Meanwhile, in Peru, there is a schedule of a specific time for people to cast their vote. The measure was done to avoid overcrowding during the voting. Moreover, Peruvian voters will undergo temperature checks and wipe their footwear on sanitizing mats.

Both countries required their constituents to bring their pens during the election.

According to the World Health Organization, as of April 10, Ecuador has 37,288 active COVID cases while Peru has 27,319.

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