Kate Middleton showed her skills as the "Royal Pacemaker" as she engages in conversation with Prince Harry, engaging Prince William to join the talk during the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral. It can be remembered that Prince Phillip's ceremonial funeral on the Windsor Castle Grounds.

The Duke will be buried on the St. George's Chapel temporarily and will be transferred to another location once United Kingdom's Queen Elizabeth II, his wife for more than 70 years meets her final moments. The ceremony was attended by only 30 guests, all from the Royal Family and extended Royal Family.

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Kate Middleton Engages Conversation with Prince Harry

During the funeral for the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton was seen as the first to talk with Prince Harry, New York Post reported. Middleton was seen launching an animated chat with her brother-in-law, then soon after the Duke of Cambridge joined them in the conversation.

It was unclear whether Prince William and Prince Harry will be talking with each other during the funeral, considering the strained relation named by the people as "Royal Rift" between U.K.'s prince brothers, Express reported.

Prince Harry was seen relaxed during the conversation. The exchange of conversation between Kate Middleton and Prince Harry happened as the members of the Royal Family, including the extended, left to St. George's Chapel. It was also reported that Kate Middleton brought her husband Prince William into the conversation.

As the Royals walked towards the Windsor Castle together, the three strolled away from the family allowing the brothers and Kate Middleton to walk together. Middleton discreetly dropped behind along Princes William and Harry walk together. The Duchess left the brothers alone as she engaged in conversation with Zara Tindal.

Express noted that William and Harry appeared to be in good spirits as they converse with each other for several minutes, following the service held for the grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Meghan Markle was not present during Prince Phillip's funeral because she is pregnant with her second child. Because of this, she was not able to travel to Britain. Prince Harry was expected to stay in his homeland for several more days.

The Royal Rift Between Prince Harry and Prince William

The talks about the rift between the princes of the United Kingdom arose back in 2018 when rumors of fictitious drama between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton surfaced on the internet, Cosmopolitan reported.

Cosmopolitan mentioned another video that was captured in December 2018, when the Sussexes and Cambridges spent their Christmas together. The video showed that Prince William ignored Meghan Markle as she tries to talk to her brother-in-law. However, William spent his time adjusting his scarf instead of responding.

The issue and speculation of the people on the "Royal Rift" between the brother continued until Prince William disagreed with Prince Harry's views of Royal Life. Harry shared his views on the issue during an Oprah Winfrey interview, where the issue of racism in the Royal Family was tackled.

However, the rift was sealed by Kate Middleton when she made the borthers talk with each other during the funeral. The brothers was separated by their cousin Peter Phillips as they marched in the procession behind their grandfather's casket. Harry is reported to stay more days in his homeland to celebrate his grandmother's birthday with the family on Wednesday.

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