Despite not seeing a stunning performance from the pairing of Anthony Davis and Andre Drummond, the Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is still optimistic about the Lakers' big man connection in the future.

In their last four games where the big men played together, the Lakers are 1-3. Sports analysts mentioned that one of the big problems starts with the minutes that they share on the floor.

In the lineups that feature Drummond and Davis, they have played 83 of the 192 possible minutes over those four games. But they have been outscored by 12.6 points per 100 possessions, which is the worst net rating of any pairing to play more than 70 minutes together in the same timeframe, reported.

Drummond and Davis have only played 106 and 107 minutes overall. Most of their time has been spent sharing the floor, trying to figure out how they can make things work for the side of the purple and gold. Lakers Head coach Frank Vogel still has faith that the team's men in the paint can work together.

According to Silverscreenandroll, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel stated that they have two of the best bigs in the game. Vogel stated that AD is playing with another big man like he did all year last year was one of their best lineups. That's why he thinks that the idea of having Drummond and Davis will work and that is a combination that they believe in.

Moreover, despite the rough numbers and clogged paint when both of them were present, still there's a lot of optimism for the Lakers Big men. Also, Vogel pointed out that Davis has made it work with traditional big before, especially in their championship run last year. Davis and JaVale McGee outscored opponents by 5.1 points per 100 possessions last season, while Davis and Howard managed to close out on the same numbers.

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In addition, Davis and Drummond do not have a ton of time left to figure things out with just 10 games left in the season. But it is not a reason for the Lakers to give up especially on their title-defense season, as Vogel has an option to put Davis back on to the 4th spot while Drummond will be the anchor of their defense, SlamOnline reported.

But despite the advantage of having a number of seven-foot centers last season, most of them did not spend more than 200 minutes in the playoffs individually. Howard only played 194 minutes with Davis, while McGee played only 116 minutes based on the data by This means that close to 60% of his total playing time, Davis played as the only center on the floor.

Lakers' Hidden Ace

The Lakers are currently finding ways to work things out with Drummond and Davis, but the team still has their ace in order to run what they have expected. Their leader and the floor general, LeBron James, is already having light workouts and expected to return on the floor before playoff time.

As a facilitator, James is expected as an enabler for the pair up of Anthony Davis and Andre Drummond as he will command the spacing on the floor.

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