Two Asian women were hurt after a stabbing incident in a busy street in San Francisco, California on Tuesday. 

Authorities rushed the two Asian victims to a hospital, but the details about their conditions are not yet available.

The same incident happened in early April when an elderly Asian woman died because she was also stabbed while walking her dogs in Riverside, California.

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2 Asian Women Stabbed in San Francisco

The recent stabbing incident in San Francisco happened just before 5 p.m., Fox News reported. The Asian women were stabbed at the intersection of Fourth and Stockton Streets, near one of the Golden City's thoroughfares.

Kron 4 noted that horrifying acts of violence against Asian Americans were reported in the Bay Area and across the nation over the years. The outlet further said that most of the victims were elderly.

There were no details yet regarding the identity of the two Asian women. However, reports said that one of the victims is elderly, and the other victim is in her 30s.

Citing witnesses on the tragic incident, KPIX reported that a man was seen walking in the market street, clutching a knife, before he walked towards the victims and stabbed them.

The suspect then fled the area before the authorities arrived at the scene. The stabbing incident happened amid the surge in Anti-Asian hate crimes across the country.

According to KPIX, police officers from the Tenderloin Station arrested a 54-year-old San Francisco resident suspected of stabbing the two Asian women on the 600 block of Eddy Street at around 7 p.m. Tuesday.

San Francisco Police Public Information Officer Michael Andraychak confirmed this report, but charges against the suspect are still pending.

San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney, who called the incident a "disgusting and horrific attack," tweeted that the male suspect was in police custody before 7:30 p.m.

A witness earlier sent a photo to KPIX, showing a man with a shaved head who wore jeans, black sweaters, and white sneakers. 

The man also appeared to be carrying a green bag. However, authorities have yet to clarify if the man in the photo and the suspect arrested were the same person.

Asian Hate and Violence in California

In a report conducted by Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council, respondents from California reported many incidents of COVID-related discrimination and harassment against Asian Americans last year.

In collaboration with Chinese for Affirmative Action and San Francisco State University's Asian American Studies, the June 2020 report showed a pervasive and consistent pattern of anti-Asian American hate in the state, averaging 10 harassment per day.

The report noted that Asians receive harassment in the form of verbal, physical, and avoidance. It added that these incidents happen in retail stores, workplaces, and even online.

Meanwhile, the suspect's motive for stabbing the two Asian women is still unknown. The investigation is ongoing. Authorities urged anyone with information to contact San Francisco police on their hotline at 415-575-4444.

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WATCH: SFPD Investigate Stabbing of 2 Asian Women - From KTVU