A missing case quickly turned into murder when the body of a Las Vegas toddler was discovered, prompting the confession of the suspect to the heinous crime. 

The body of the two-year-old victim, identified as Amari Nicholson, was found on Wednesday. After hours, the suspect, the boyfriend of the victim's mom, was ordered held without bail, Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

KTNV Las Vegas said that Nicholson went missing on May 5 near Paradise Road and Twain Avenue. Because of this, the authorities prompted a massive search as the victim's family and volunteers hoped to find the Las Vegas toddler.

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Missing Las Vegas Toddler Found Dead

Washington Examiner reported that Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that the boy was found in the 400 block of East Twain Avenue. The said location is less than a mile from the Emerald Suites, where the Las Vegas toddler was last seen. The victim's body was found around 1:10 in the afternoon.

The death of the toddler was announced by the mother on Facebook, saying, "my baby is gone and is never coming home." The mother also noted on her post that she never knew anything about her boyfriend's involvement in her son's disappearance. However, a public page on Facebook confirmed that the post was already taken down.

Mom's Boyfriend Confesses

On Tuesday, Terrell Rhodes was arrested on suspicion of murder in relation to Amari's disappearance. After which, Rhodes admitted to the authorities that he hit the child multiple times, causing his death. He said he hid the child's body.

On the same day of the dead body's discovery, at around 2:00 p.m., the authorities started a probe on the apartment where the victim's mother, Tayler Nicholson, and Rhodes lived. Crime scene tapes were reported to be surrounding a parking lot of the Sigel Suites at 454 E. Twain Avenue. The prosecutor confirmed that Rhodes hid the body of the toddler. The authorities also discovered blood on the wall of his apartment and soiled clothing of a child.

"I never knew he did this, he never said anything to me about his involvement," said the mother of Nicholson on the then deleted post.

Meanwhile, the grandmother of the Las Vegas toddler is convinced that Rhodes is guilty of murdering her grandson. The grandmother also confirmed in KRDO that the suspect murdered the toddler because the child peed in his pants.

"This case started as a missing person investigation, and unfortunately, I'm here to tell you today that it is now a homicide," said Lt. Richard Meyers from the Las Vegas Police Department. Meyers also added that as the investigation progressed, it became clearer for them that Rhodes is their primary suspect.

Rhodes, who now faces homicide charges for the case of the missing Las Vegas toddler, is due to be back in court on May 17.

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