A 72-year-old Mexican serial killer has admitted to killing and eating numerous women over a period of 20 years.

The suspect was identified as Andres N. from Atizapan de Zaragoza, a municipality in the greater Mexico City metropolitan area. Mexico News Daily reported that the alleged Mexican serial killer was arrested on Tuesday.

Televisa reporter Antonio Nieto said the suspect had admitted to killing 15 women. Nieto noted that the Mexican serial killer even asked for water before saying that he thinks "there were 15" victims.

Some media outlets reported that the suspect confessed to killing as many as 30 women over the past two decades. He was also said to admit to dismembering his victims' bodies and eating parts of them.

Reports said the remains of some women have already been discovered at the suspect's home. Authorities continue to do excavation works to determine how many more women were killed and buried at his home.

The findings led investigators to conclude that they were dealing with a serial killer.

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The Investigation on the Mexican Serial Killer

Attorney General's Office agents for the State of Mexico had discovered jewelry, nail polish, shoes, a hairdryer, and other items that have been connected to two missing women, El Pais reported.

The two women were Rubicela Gallegos and Flor Nínive Vizcaino, who disappeared in 2016 and 2019. Vizcaino once lived in the same city. However, many did not know about the incident surrounding her disappearance.

A resident named Maura Valle told local reporters that the suspect used to come to her house to buy barbecued pork. Valle said the Mexican serial killer had told her that he never had a sentimental partner, adding that he had a sister who no longer lives in town.

Andres N. had also reportedly told Valle that he got along with his neighbors and even became a local association leader at one time. Valle further noted that the suspect also had the street lights installed in the community.

Andres N. had made a living by renting out rooms in his house. One of his tenants was a doctor named Fernando Lopez, who had set up his practice in one of the suspect's rooms. Police told him to leave before they search the area.

Andres N.'s latest victim was Reyna Gonzalez, who managed a small cellphone store near the Mexican serial killer's house. Gonzalez was described as a single mother with two or three children.

Another resident, Karla Narvaez, said that the suspect was always at Gonzalez's store, talking to the single mom. Marisol, a local hairdresser, further noted that the Mexican serial killer went to Gonzalez's store every day to talk to her and sometimes bring her food.

Gonzalez was reported to have been working around the area for two and a half years. Then on Thursday of last week, Gonzalez did not come to work. On the same day, missing person posters were installed around the area.

A police search in the Mexican serial killer's home found evidence that he had killed and dismembered Gonzalez.

Violence Against Women in Mexico

Mexico's Chamber of Deputies had approved a reform to make femicide a serial crime in 2017, according to another El Pais report.

Under the said measure, a suspect may be released pending trial. Human rights groups said this would create a risk for witnesses and other possible victims.

The reform to National Penal Procedures Code's Section 167 aims to ensure that the defendants will appear in court instead of fleeing justice.

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