It is a good day for Elon Musk as Tesla Semichargers were reported to be installed in a FritoLay site in California. At the same time, Tesla Model 3 performance wowed the Australian politician, Bob Katter.

Drive Tesla Canada reported that the said Tesla Semichargers would be installed specifically at 600 Garner Road in Modesto, California, and it is part of the expansion of the current facility.

The announcement came less than a week after a Tesla car on autopilot crashed into a Washington patrol car, leaving the said vehicle with significant damage on the driver's side.

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Tesla Semichargers to be Installed in California

Benzinga reported that the chargers to be installed in the FritoLay site would be able to charge up to 100 Tesla Semis. PepsiCo, Inc. that owns the FritoLay expects 15 of these trucks to be delivered later this year. 

Drive Tesla Canada noted that the site already has a dozen 62.5-kilowatt charging point stations that energize some of the company's electric box trucks.

The company did not further give details regarding how many semi-chargers are going to be installed. However, the Tesla Semichargers will be installed near the said ChargePoint stations already present on the site. 

Benzinga underscored that one of Tesla's Megapack battery storage systems would also be installed on the site. Tesla cars could be charged from 20 to 80 percent in under 20 minutes. 

Benzinga added that if the semichargers can achieve the same performance, trucks might be ready to go before the trailer is fully loaded.

Bob Katter in Awe Over Tesla Model 3 Performance

Tesla Model 3's performance placed federal member for Kennedy Bob Katter in awe after joining local environmental activist and Tesla owner Daniel Bleakley for a ride in the said vehicle.

The Australian parliament member joined Bleakly in the 16th episode of "Miners in Teslas" YouTube series spearheaded by the local environmental activist himself.

The Driven noted that Bob Katter was impressed as the Tesla Model 3 accelerated from a complete stop to 100km/hr in about 3.3 seconds. Katter reportedly responded "yee-ha" three times, as he expressed his delight in the car's performance. Bob Katter also said that the experience for him was "so thrilling."

The video posted by Beakley in his Twitter account gathered praises from the people online. Some users even urged the local environment activist to get the Australian parliament member to drive the vehicle himself for a whole experience. Some users even congratulated Beakley for the episode.

The 16th episode of Beakley's YouTube series, including Bob Katter and the Tesla Model 3, also prompted talks online regarding the potential economic growth in battery manufacturing in Queensland. 

Moreover, the episode with the Australian parliament member broke down the myths that electric vehicles cannot compete against internal combustion vehicles.

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