Online retailing has become common with the current generation preferring to shop online rather than physically going from store to store searching for selected items. Every business you see today probably has an online page on various social media platforms or an active website whereby you can effortlessly find the products you need. The establishment of online marketplaces such as Amazon has been a blessing to consumers. It has also become common to see buyers' manuals and guides to protect buyers from exploitation by unscrupulous sellers. But the bigger question has been: Who is covering the sellers from exploitation? Are there any programs to guide sellers on making their way in business and selling their products on various online platforms? 

Do not worry; Athena Severi and Dan Ashburn have already thought about it and crafted an excellent program by forming a seller-based organization, Titan Network.

Titan Network is the number one Amazon support program that offers the most comprehensive and detailed seller support programs globally. They established the organization intending to help Amazon sellers scale their brands to be among the top Amazon sellers rankings.

Athena Severi and Dan Ashburn came up with a noble idea after realizing that the self-crowned Amazon Sellers experts were misguiding most Amazon sellers. Both founders had a passion for online retailing, with Dan having a background in online business marketing. With his team, Dan is currently responsible for marketing and managing over $12 million in annual sales for Amazon brands that are spread worldwide. On the other end, Athena has a background in helping eCommerce and Amazon sellers on various forums such as events, sourcing trips, and mastermind courses to increase their sales.

They combined their efforts and co-founded the Titan Network and it has proven to be a force to be reckoned with among Amazon sellers. They offer Amazon sellers one-on-one coaching, support, and other relevant programs. The Titan Network has attracted most of the elite amazon sellers, including newbies to the selling game, as they have a program to help sellers at the different levels of their careers.

The Titan Network offers exclusive services to members who are Amazon sellers. The Titan Network's program has two monthly live masterclasses. They invite two elite Amazon sellers and two Titan Network leaders to present and tackle various topics, including emerging issues.

You can certainly be assured of success in scaling your business by becoming a Titan member. Titan prides itself on its vast and rich connection to the industry's key players and other service providers. Their members enjoy a competitive advantage over their rivals thanks to the many discounts they have on vital tools.

Some of the vital tools they provide include a daily sales tracker, keyword research and a tool to source from China, community support, and shared knowledge directly.

Membership to the Titan Network is open, but you have to be self-driven and have ambitions to grow. You can also check out their website or reach out through various social media accounts; Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.