Back when TacosWay was still relatively new in the business, Gabriel Barajas, its founder, was told by many that it was a bad idea to start a Mexican restaurant. Not many people were really interested in what the restaurant sold, so there weren't many customers. Only when Eddie, Gabriel's friend, wrote a song and made a video about the brand did it start to get a lot of attention and sparked curiosity in people.

The more views the marketing promotions got on social media like Facebook and Instagram, the more customers came in. The brand then decided to make and post more videos, and the results were much more rewarding than they expected. It didn't take much time before people started to wait in line just to get a taste of what TacosWay had to offer. After several years, the Mexican restaurant now operates in five different locations in California.

How it all came together for Gabriel Barajas

TacosWay had a humble beginning. Gabriel Barajas went through many hardships that helped shape who he is today. He believes that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. This has become true as TacosWay is hugely successful due to the hard work of Gabriel.

Selling Mexican food has always been a part of his life

When Gabriel Barajas was a kid, his family moved to Concecion De Buenos Aires in Jalisco, Mexico. His father started his tortilla business there and Gabriel would help him out. Together, they visited numerous neighboring ranches and towns to offer what they were selling.

Unfortunately, that venture didn't turn out to be very rewarding in Mexico. What Gabriel got, however, was a dream of one day starting his own restaurant chain. Those times may not have been easy for him and his family, but his experience there shaped him into who he is now. He already had a knack for business at a very young age, and he learned about the importance of working hard and not giving up.

Due to their poor financial situation in Mexico, the Barajas family decided to go back to San Fernando and stay there again. However, even back in San Fernando, life wasn't smooth sailing for them, so Gabriel decided to help out in any way he could. He sold everything that could bring them extra money at his high school. It was also during this time when he would sell the tortas his mother had made.

It is Gabriel's way to support his family financially

As a young boy, Gabriel used to help his parents with their jobs, and he also worked on his own. Since he was still pretty young at that time, all he could do was clean, vacuum, take the trash out. When he was 15, he started to legally work by bagging groceries at the local market.

At an early age, he had a kid with his wife, Erica. However, his small family was evicted from their house and had to move in with Gabriel's father. Then both families started a restaurant. TacosWay grew when Gabriel began to understand the need for marketing to gain attention and used it to grow his restaurant. Now, the restaurant has five branches in California and serves hundreds of customers every day.