Brazil's Senate COVID inquiry staff members raised their concerns over the country's hosting of Copa America 2021. The staff members urged the country to postpone the football tournament in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, citing Brazil's low vaccination rates, according to an Al Jazeera report.

Brazil's COVID staff members are the latest to raise concerns regarding the Copa America happening in the country. It can be remembered that football team coaches from Argentina and Chile have expressed their uncertainties about the football league happening in Brazil.

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Brazil's COVID Inquiry Staff Urge Copa America 2021 Postponement

The Senate commission staff members that handled the COVID-19 inquiry on how the country handled the pandemic sent a letter to Brazil's football team on Sunday, calling for the postponement of the football league in the country. The staff argued in the letter that only 10.77 percent of the population received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccines in Brazil, as of Friday, June 4.

The COVID inquiry staff also stated in their letter that the tournament would "encourage agglomerations of people and set a bad example."

"Brazil does not offer sanitary security for holding an international tournament of this magnitude," said the staff members in their letter.

Despite their opposition in holding the Copa America in Brazil, the COVID inquiry staff members pointed out that they are not against holding the football league in the country, but they believe Brazil is not yet ready to host the said football tournament.

Brazil's football team has not yet issued an official statement regarding the letter sent to them by the COVID inquiry staff members.

It can be remembered that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro defended his decision of saying yes to Copa America being held in the country. Bolsonaro noted that Copa America 2021 was not up for "discussions" because he claimed that the said tournament does not pose a health risk.

AFA Confirms Argentina Football Team Entering Copa America 2021

Despite concerns, the coach of the Argentina football team has initially expressed over the tournament in Brazil, the Argentina Football Association (AFA) confirmed that the country's football team will play in Copa America 2021, according to a Marca report.

AFA noted in a statement that their association "prepared all the necessary tools" that are needed by the players to guarantee the "specific healthcare" they need during the pandemic.

"From that point of view, it is difficult to agree with the decision, but we still have to go," said Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni, adding that they will play in Copa America despite the "many unknowns." Scaloni furthered that he is sure that conditions in Brazil are worse than their own.

Apart from the COVID staff inquiry members of Brazil who sought the tournament's postponement, the World League Forum (WLF) also sent a letter to FIFA and the South American Football Confederation on Saturday, arguing that the South American players should be allowed to decide whether they will enter Copa America 2021 or not.

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