The retired pound-for-pound great, Floyd Mayweather displayed his caliber throughout the eight-round bout against YouTube star Logan Paul, Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

However, the YouTuber did not go down without a fight as he was able to survive all eight rounds of the match-up, thus no winner was announced for the exhibition match.

Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul

According to CBS Sports, despite no announcement of the winner made during the exhibition, sports analysts pointed out that YouTube star Logan Paul is the one who claimed the moral victory after exceeding all eight rounds. Paul exceeded the expectations of experts regarding his performance against one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Despite the fact that Mayweather is clearly the better and more experienced boxer, the boxing novice, Paul, utilized his huge weight and height advantage. He entered the ring well over 30 pounds bigger and with a six-inch reach advantage. He managed to avoid combinations from the former world champion because of his physical advantage.

In the opening round, Mayweather was highly cautious and figured out the strategy of Paul coming into the match. Money also avoided any clean shots that Paul might have in the early minutes of the match.

Even in the second round, Mayweather was still playing defense and still reading the movement of the YouTube star. But he shifted his gear in the third as he went on the offensive end. Money landed a clean left hook that rocked the head of the YouTube star for several moments in the bout.

Every time that Mayweather starts to create some space to orchestrate his offensive plan and land some clean shots, Paul strategically initiates a clinch immediately and makes Mayweather carry his weight.

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Meanwhile, Mayweather shared after the exhibition match that he had fun. Money also reminded the press that he is no longer 21 but he felt good to move around with younger guys.

Also, Money admitted that Paul is better than he initially thought, Daily Mail reported. He expected that the bout against a heavyweight would be hard; but against Paul, Mayweather said that it is a different story, as he is tough and a rough competitor.

Furthermore, as the match went on, Paul showed signs of fatigue. He lost the speed that he had on his punches in the opening of the contest. But despite clearly losing the exhibition match, Paul was still happy after going the distance against Mayweather.

Paul stated during the post-game interview that he does not want anyone to tell him that fighting against big names is impossible. Because for him, the fact that he went the distance against one of the all-time greats proves the odds that there is a chance of beating them.

The crowd also can be heard shouting 'boo' at times because those in attendance wanted a definitive finish via knockout. However, the level of action that they wanted never came as any among the fighters appeared seriously hurt at any point in the clash, The Guardian reported.

During the post-game interview, Mayweather shared why agreed to the exhibition match. He shared that kids cannot eat legacy but they can eat off the currency. Mayweather also said that he believes in building generational wealth and it is what's important for him.

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